Study Establishes Connection Between Left-Wing Extremism and Mental Illness

Conservatives have made jokes about it since the beginning of time. Recent research suggests the jokes are not so far-fetched. The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology, shows that there is a link between left-wing activism and mental illness. The researchers found that narcissism and psychopathic tendencies were linked.

These people are used by egocentric individuals to fulfill their needs rather than truly pursuing equality and social justice.

Krispenz, Bertrams, and others went on to explain in more detail the behaviors of those with this condition. We might laugh at their behavior and enjoy some schadenfreude.

Researchers who labeled those “high on LWA” (leftist authority – I can’t help but laugh) rarely do the prescribed activities they demand from everyone else. The researchers will suppress free speech and promote violence in schools to achieve their political goals. They are really only concerned with themselves. They can hijack a cause or issue.

Previous research on this topic has been conducted. A study from 2020 also showed that liberals were more likely than conservatives to suffer from mental illness. The General Social Survey (GSS), which dates back to 1970 and continues to 2010 shows:

Other studies using similar constructs have found that left-wingers suffer from a higher rate of mental illness. There is, for example, a positive correlation between conservatism, religiousness, and health.

And woe to anyone who challenges their views or beliefs. Woe to those who challenge their beliefs or views.

Both Krispenz and Bertrams agreed that authoritarianism could occur on either side of the political spectrum. Researchers said that research on authoritarianism among “right-wing groups” was more widely known. Here’s my stunned face.