Starving Elderly Man in Shanghai Weeps When Given Food

An old man stands in front of a truck in Shanghai, almost as if it were a tank back in 1989. This is a heartbreaking video. He is begging for food, instead of fighting for freedom. He wants the entire world to see what Communist China has done to Shanghai’s 26 million inhabitants.

It has been a while since American parents made stern demands on their children about cleaning their plates, claiming that “there are children starving in China”.

But hunger is back, and it’s all because of Communism.

This video is just too sad. It starts on the boulevard, which is tree-lined, and almost has no traffic during daylight hours. The clip is almost two minutes long and features the truck and the old man.

Shanghai was once the most prosperous and busiest city in the world before the lockdown, now in its second month. As I wrote in April, it is almost a ghost city.

According to social media posts by residents, Shanghai, the major shipping and commercial hub in Communist China, is now under martial law.

Beijing has tried (and failed) to implement a strict “zero COVID” regime. However, it is still unclear how soldiers and armored vehicles should fight a virus.

On April 4, the city recorded a record 13,000 positive COVID test results — all of which were asymptomatic.

We found out how dire the situation was in Shanghai just days after it went live.

In the last few weeks, a record number of Shanghai residents tested positive for COVID. They were forcibly tested under the regime of Xi Jinping.

Nearly all those who test positive for a condition are asymptomatic.

People living outside China’s high-risk groups are not dying. They don’t feel sick.

Xi tries to achieve the impossible, despite the lockdown continuing.

Some residents are desperate to resist the rising tide of hunger and poverty.

They are throwing themselves out of their high-rise apartments.

It was almost a month ago. People are unable to leave their homes or buy groceries because of the Shanghai lockdown.

To ensure that they can be shared and not deleted by Communist authorities, city residents have turned to the (mostly) unhackable Blockchain protection of “videos and photos [that capture] their ordeals as non-fungible tokens[NFT]”.

One day, all of this pointless suffering’s history will be revealed.

In protective gear, “Big Whites” are known as thugs who roam the streets and enforce the lock-ins by beatings, erecting fencing around homes, and even killing pets.

It is still unknown what the real reason behind this ineffective, and brutal lockdown was.

Does the CCP just want to exercise its power? Is it a form of internal power struggle or is it? Do you think Xi Jinping, the Chinese strongman, fears that he will lose power if he renounces his Chinese way of fighting COVID?

Although no one outside Beijing knows the truth, the effects can be seen in the eyes of one old man who is hungry.

Here’s the clip, despite the language barrier.

The translation says that the old man said, at one point, that “Shanghai people, no one cares about us.” Take care of us! This is what you need to do! This is what needs to be exposed! I’m a worker. “I’m going to starve!”

It is hard to believe that the man was able to escape his apartment without being beaten and given orders by a gang full of big whites.

It is not your intention to speculate on what could happen to the truck driver should Communist authorities discover his identity.

I couldn’t hold back the tears when I watched this video. Starving people to death is inhumane and the lockdown is obviously not getting rid of Covid. I am so thankful that there are still kind-hearted people in this world who gave that poor old man something to eat. It really puts life into perspective and makes me realize how well most of us have it.