Florida Democrats Should be Terrified of Unstoppable DeSantis

In 20 years, Florida Democrats have not been to the governor’s house and the state keeps getting redder. Democrats are admitting that the candidates they’re putting forward to challenge the incumbent governor and probable GOP 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis aren’t anywhere near up to the task.

Politico reported, “DeSantis appears unstoppable.” A prominent Democratic fundraiser stated that DeSantis had $100 million in his bank account and that he has three Tier-B candidates.

DeSantis’s rise is something politicians from both parties would envy. DeSantis has also changed Florida politics, pushing his hand-drawn district maps that are expected to give the Florida Republicans a 20-8 advantage in Congress.

These actions earned him popularity among conservatives in Florida as well as the right-leaning right. They helped him rise in the national spotlight.

He has caused paralyzing fear among Democrats in Pennsylvania, as well as elsewhere in the United States.

Politico: The Democratic primary between Rep. Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is just four months away. However, party operatives claim that DeSantis’ bullying politics and weak slate have caused national donors to withdraw from the state.

The problem is made worse by the new congressional maps that DeSantis has drawn. They give Republicans a 20-8 majority, and national Democrats less incentive to send money or other resources to Florida.

Alex Berrios was the former Palm Beach County field manager for President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. He stated that the situation is “becoming serious”. While it’s possible to save things, it’s becoming more difficult.

Florida politicians are unable to reach out to national donors for Democrats. Many Democratic whales on the east and west coasts don’t see the value in investing in something that will lose.

The future is uncertain.

Andrew Spar, president of the Florida Education Association, stated that “if you look at the three candidates, the polling hasn’t changed much, Charlie Crist is leading there, in fundraising, and most recently endorsements.” It is the largest union representing teachers and one of the most loyal supporters of Democrats in Florida. Recent years have seen a steady trend with Crist leading. ”

Crist’s spokesperson stated that his message resonates among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans tired by DeSantis. He was also asked about the enthusiasm gap within the Democratic slate.

His spokesperson Samantha Ramirez stated that Charlie is not only ahead in the Democratic field, but also is mounting the strongest campaign to defeat DeSantis in November. They are learning from past cycles and coordinating their efforts. ”

Charlie Crist is a recycled Republican, is the best that Democrats can do? Don’t make us laugh. He said during the candidate forum, “It is amazing to me that any elected official in Florida would attack Mickey Mouse, that’s incredible to me. But that’s where we are at.”

He was serious.

DeSantis was never going to be unseated, anyway. He has firmly established himself as the most popular politician in Florida and the number one alternative to Donald Trump. But the national media has yet to really concentrate their fire on DeSantis. When they do, it will say a lot about DeSantis’s staying power going into 2024.