Split Vote to Condemn Horrors of Socialism Proves Democrats Have a Socialism Problem

The recent House vote to condemn “Horrors of Socialism” proved what many knew the Democrat Party is infested with socialists.

Fox News reports, that Republicans used the vote to determine if socialists would declare independence.

Republicans proposed the resolution to remind Americans of the dangers of socialism. Steve Scalise, the Republican Leader of the House, said that the ideology was “one the most destructive in history.”

The resolution divided Democrats because some Democrats declared openly that they adhere to democratic socialism. Every Democrat who voted for it was there.

Democrats were able to offer a weak defense to their opposition to the election. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat said that the entire vote was a precursor to the end of social insurance.

Waters said that Americans are better than fearmongering. The federal government provided trillions in support for small businesses, workers, seniors, and ranchers during the pandemic.

Rep. Nydia Vazquez (D.N.Y.) stated that historically, Republicans have tried to label as socialist any Democratic action which improves the lives of Americans. This is what Republicans call Socialism. Republicans view popular government programs as helping working families such as climate action and affordable care.

They’re socialist programs. Waters, however, is correct.

It’s all just a red herring. The proposal didn’t mention the elimination program.

Democrats believe that a government that is omnipresent and has control over production is the best form of government, which has been proven false many times.

Waters made it clear that this was the ultimate goal of the Democrat Party years ago. This is what Texas Rep. Chip Roy reminded America recently.

Waters, an ex-oil executive, asked Waters back in 2008: “And guess? What will this liberal be all about? “This liberal will be all about socializing. It would mean basically taking control over the government and all your businesses. ”

Other Democrats, like the ones who are part of “The Squad”, AOC Rashida Omar Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bus, openly have socialist leanings, as do other Democrats such as those that are part AOC, Rashida Ola, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush. They have supported pro-communist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Unfortunately, the socialist disease that infects the Democratic Party has infected our country. Its effects are evident all across the country, even in California where socialist policies are the bread-and-butter of the state party.

No matter what you do, the Democrat Party is committed to socialism.