German Government Floods Tiny Village With 400 Asylum Seekers

According to Remix:

On Thursday, there were chaotic scenes at the Grevesmuhlen district council. Police estimate that 700 protestors gathered in front of the administration building to protest the construction of a container settlement for 400 Upahl asylum seekers. The current population of the village is 1,662

Despite loud and angry protests that could be heard in the hall, the district council decided to hold an emergency meeting to build the accommodation. Protesters attempted to enter the administration building, bringing about a crisis. The building was not stormed by police officers wearing heavy protective gear.

Demonstrators beat against the windows with their hands. NDR reports that right-wing extremists were also present among the protesters. The police informed Nordkurier that the protestors were mostly middle-class and not all of them were from the right-wing scene.

Four hundred times 1,662 equals 24 percent. Nordwestmecklenburg saw a 24% population increase overnight, with all its residents coming from abroad.

Because of the huge disparity between immigrant fertility and native-born fertility, non-ethnic Germans are likely to increase in the future. What is this trend if it’s not called replacement migration?

More Germans than any other Western nation are taught to welcome all ethnic immigrants as a way of atoning for the Holocaust. Under the neoliberal rule of Angela Merkel, Germany imported one-million foreigners in 2015 alone.

Douglas Murray’s fascinating treatise, The Strange Death of Europe on the subject, is a great source of insight.