Soros-Backed DA in Consideration of Keeping Alleged Gang Members and Toddler Killers Out of Jail

A California district attorney reportedly told the family of a murder victim that her office is looking at ways to punish the gang bangers charged in their toddler son’s death without sending them to prison.

George Soros, a billionaire progressive donor, supported Pamela Price in her campaign. These remarks were made in an email Price sent to a community member and were obtained by local media.

Jasper Wu was a one-year-old boy who was shot and killed by gang members on Interstate 880 in 2021. Three of the four suspects were arrested for murder.

The fourth man was killed in a shootout.

ABC 7 published portions of the email Thursday. According to reports, the email was sent as a response to a question from a member of Alameda’s Asian Pacific Islander community (AAPI) who wanted an update.

It addressed “The Chinese communities” with the following statement: “Some people don’t understand basic principles of constitutional law.” ”

“Our office is currently working together with the Asian Law Caucus to establish a partnership to help AAPI victims of violence. This will provide more opportunities for healing and accountability in non-carceral forms. ”

In plain English, “non-carceral” means a punishment other than incarceration in jail or prison. The Asian Law Caucus told the outlet that they were “very confused about this.”

Authorities claim that Jasper was riding in a car seat as his parents drove down I-880, on Nov. 6, 2021. This is where rival gang members from San Francisco opened fire on each other, firing at each other’s cars.

Trevor Green and Ivory Bivins of the “Chopper City gang” were allegedly involved in a shootout that saw them miss a shot at Johnny Jackson’s and Keison Le’s vehicles in the rival “Eddy Rock” gang.

A stray bullet tore through the Wu family’s vehicle and fatally struck Jasper, according to authorities.

Lee died a year after the incident in a separate shooting.

Norbert Chu, a former Alameda prosecutor, told ABC 7 that a bid to not seek prison time for the three surviving suspects would be “insulting.”

“If I were Jasper’s parents, I would be highly offended,” he told the outlet. “And I would be very fearful.”

Here is a video from Fox News:

We reached out to Price but he didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment. Many of her staff quit earlier this week to protest her policies.

Lou Barberini is a former San Francisco office, and Bay Area columnist. He said that Pamella Price ran on the vague idea of social justice and bringing about justice in the community. ”

Boudin’s progressive policy led to voters recalling him.

An interview published by the University of California Berkeley last month revealed that Price was a law student. The new prosecutor aims to reduce gun violence and mass incarceration and eliminate racial or socioeconomic inequalities in the county’s criminal justice system.

“I’m also committed to ensuring that victims and their families are informed about potential changes that may affect a case,” she told the interviewer. “Although they may not always agree with the decisions we make, we want to keep them informed and explain the reasoning for such decisions.”

Price spoke out about the murders of his relatives. A spokesperson from Wu Family questioned Price.

ABC 7 was informed by them that there are “nearly zero consequences” due to the threat of severe punishments. “How can that restore public faith and confidence in the justice system? “How can the public feel safe?