Anti-Gun Mobs Take Over Tennessee Capitol

Right now, mobs of protesters are driving police officers over at the Tennessee capitol. The scene is chaotic as anti-gun activists have entered the chamber and closed down the People’s office, chanting about justice and guns. To gain access to the chamber, they pushed their way through a line of state troopers. It doesn’t appear that anyone is being arrested, pepper sprayed or tuned up with billy club, or taken to prison for “sedition” charges.

We have returned to the status quo where anyone can break any law they want and no one will be sent to jail. They won’t even have to pay a penalty if they are ever arrested.

If you are on the opposing side or have ever voted in favor of that Orange Man, protests are not permitted. The FBI will investigate you if you do it. They’ll arrive at your home faster than Barney Frank who makes a run for the buffet at lunchtime.

Yesterday saw an insurrection at the Kentucky Capitol. The Qanon Shaman-like insurrectionists dressed up as a satanic goat man and chanted, “SHAME!” SHAME! SHAME!” protesters took control of the capital. Strangely, the mainstream media have not been able to stop reporting on these events or scream about insurrections. What is the reason for this?

Transactivists in Kentucky were angry that they could not chemically castrate and permanently surgically mutilate their children. They were angry and began to trespass on the sacred ground of the government building.

A massive insurrection by trans activists took place at Texas’ Capitol just before that. It was March 27th. Strangely, no footage seems to have been trending from the massive protest at Texas Capitol. Look at all the people who took over the Rotunda.

This protest appears to be linked to others, but no footage was found by searches. It is also interesting that the direct actions were planned several days apart, and not simultaneously. This allows for protesters to be moved between locations to create larger crowds. This is a standard practice in leftist protests. This is a type of astroturfing that the cameras can use.

In February, a similar event happened in Oklahoma. There’s a video of one arrest made after a trans-protester slapped a cop. I’ve been told that we aren’t allowed to protest on government property inside capitol buildings where the People’s business is being conducted. Why are the transurrectionists permitted to do it?

We can all agree that this is a bad day for democracy and that those responsible should be held accountable to the same standards. It’s unlikely. Don’t let your hopes get too high.

It’s a bit odd that the government isn’t putting the jackboot on these protesters (unlike J6 protesters), but it’s still funny to hear the screams and agony of those who are seeing the Republican legislatures remove their ability to abuse children. Is there anything wrong with these people Bring back sanity.

These Republicans should not tolerate protestors who break the law in these states and punish them with harsh sanctions.