Silk Demolishes Talbert Swan and the Left for Maligning Her Sister, Diamond

We reported earlier this week on the death of Lynette Haraway, “Diamond”, of the political activist sisters “Diamond, Silk.”

It was sad to hear, and many people offered their condolences, including President Donald Trump, for his support. He noted how “magnificent”, she was, and that she would be missed.

Instead of being respectful, however, many left-leaning people made matters worse by sending her nasty tweets. They didn’t respect her wishes but instead acted with common decency and respected her family’s wishes.

Bishop Talbert Swan, one of the most hated people on Twitter, was not content with it all. She accused Hardaway of calling COVID a hoax and claimed that she died from it. However, there have been no official announcements regarding her cause.

Imagine how shady you must be to do this in order to push your political agenda. He doesn’t base his attack on facts. He doesn’t care about it, it just helps him get leftist clicks to support what he says. A “religious” person who behaves in this manner after Hardaway’s death. It is just cruel and unchristian.

Twitter “Community Notes” fact-checked him.

Swan’s comments did get Rochelle “Silk” Richardson’s attention, and she removed him from their Twitter account. She wasn’t shy about using language to defend her sister, and she didn’t take it lying down.

Silk asked, “Where is your evidence that my sister died due to COVID-19?” Silk threatened Swan with a lawsuit. “No proof plus no truth equals a law suit.” Retractions can be made up to midnight tonight.

Lynette Hardaway denied that the COVID report was unsourced in December, and called it “fake News.”

After he received a lot of backlash, Swan closed down the comments to his vile comment. However, he has not yet deleted the comment. This shows that he does not have a conscience, and could be anticipating legal action from Diamond’s relatives.