American Gas Association Pushes Back on Biden’s Plan to Ban Gas Stoves

Jill Biden tweeted in September 2020 was showing off her cooking skills on the stovetop. This picture is pertinent because her husband wants to ban gas stoves in American homes.

Notice the type of stove Mrs. Biden uses to cook on.

Ted Cruz made a witty comment.

Around 35% of American households use gas stoves for cooking. It is not surprising that Alexander D. Hoehn–Saric, head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), was told this before he proposed banning gas stoves.

The American Gas Association wasn’t too happy.

Fox Business:

After news that U.S. federal regulators could ban gas stoves due to their potential health risks, the American Gas Association (AGA), is cheering. They stated that the removal of the appliance was “reckless” as well as a “misguided agenda.”

According to reports from groups like the Institute for Policy Integrity and the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the conflict between federal agencies and the gas industry reached its peak when the Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization (WHO), both said that gas stoves were unsafe and could cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

The AGA released a press release Tuesday stating that “a December 2022 report in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health linking natural gas cooking with asthma” was not supported by sound science.

How fanatical can the CPSC tyrants be? “Any option is possible. Bloomberg reported Richard Trumka Jr., the commissioner of the agency Richard Trumka Jr. that products that aren’t safe can be banned.

This is a bold statement from the former president and chief executive officer of United Mine Workers. It’s chilling. A government that demands everything to be pure, safe, and clean is a loony agency.

According to the report, the federal agency intends “to take actions” to reduce indoor pollution from stoves.

Trumka’s remarks were previously challenged by the AGA, who claimed that gas cooking produces similar emissions to electric stove cooking. They plan to submit evidence to support this claim.

The AGA stated that “any discussion or continuation of the allegations contained in this report that is funded by non-governmental organizations to advance the agenda of removing consumer energy choice is reckless.”

Reckless, but that’s part of the game.

Whether it was the AGA or someone in the White House panicked, the idea of banning gas stoves was dismissed.

This temporary reprieve is only temporary. When the timing is right, the CPSC will reexamine the ban.