Shouldn’t A Kid Be Old Enough to Vote Before Changing Their Gender?

Transgender activists are fighting for five-year-old children’s rights to make irreversible, momentous choices that will impact how they view themselves and others for the next 75 to 80 years.

They want to be able to lobby babies to change their gender.

This would be grounds to commit on many other planets and universes. It’s celebrated in America in the 21st Century.

Children who are confused about their gender should not have to make monumental decisions regarding gender choice. Parents who, as conscientious and well-intentioned as they may be, subtly influence their children into believing they can choose their gender should not have it. Consider that many doctors are on a gender-bending crusade and not concerned about a child’s best interests or health, so any input from a doctor should be suspicious.

How old is a child to receive counseling for gender dysphoria in order to be able to have it addressed? As a general rule, if a child is old enough for him to change his gender, then he should also be old enough that he can vote for President.

This is America. Adults are free to do whatever they like. They can choose to be potted plant owners, and no one in Washington or anywhere else in America should have the right to tell them otherwise — provided they are old enough to make that decision.

It goes without saying that people who think they are potted plants should not be granted any special rights. They should have the right to do whatever they want, provided they don’t try to plant their potted plants on their neighbor’s property.

The controversy surrounding Florida and Texas making medical care for gender-dysphoric children a crime for doctors and child abusers by parents is ongoing. It is important to examine the Texas and Florida laws more closely than they have.

Parents and doctors may be encouraging a child to take gender-altering hormonal drugs and other actions that could lead to gender transition later in life. However, the state has an obligation to intervene and ensure that the child’s welfare and well-being are being considered. These decisions are not easily reversed and can cause severe psychological damage. This is why it’s important to only allow mature individuals to make such decisions.

The radical left is opposed to any attempt to protect vulnerable people from their propaganda. This includes associating bullying LGBTQ children with protecting them from those who might not be in their best interest.

Balderdash! Balderdash!

These laws do not relate to bullying. The attempt to link the two is a distraction and not an argument.

Before you force them to accept political propaganda about gender change, let them grow up.