Putin’s Friendship With China’s President Xi Jinping

Knowing that your friend is there to support you during the fight is comforting.

The Chinese government issued a statement on Thursday blaming NATO, the United States, and the other parties for the conflict in Ukraine. It also requested Putin to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders.

China approved the purchase of Russian gas worth multi-billion dollars by Russia and purchased wheat worth several billion dollars from Moscow.

China, which has a low level of oil and gas reserves seems to be poised for NATO sanctions to loosen against Russia’s oil- and gas industries. They will buy everything they can. Putin’s Beijing-based friends will no doubt find a way to bypass the sanctions against Russia’s banks and keep their economy afloat.

Hua said that all parties should work together for peace and not increase tensions or hype the possibility of war. After their Beijing meeting, Xi and Putin signed a joint statement pledging support for key foreign policy issues. This includes Russia’s opposition to NATO expansion in ex-soviet republics and China’s claim to Taiwan. Beijing’s sensitivity to respecting borders has been exacerbated by its concern over Xinjiang or Tibet.

To remind Washington about their claims against Taiwan during the war with Russia, Chinese planes violated Taiwan’s airspace — a disturbingly common occurrence.

Washington Free Beacon: The fly-by was much smaller than the one on Jan. 23 with 39 Chinese aircraft. These fly-bys have become more frequent and less frequent since Jan. 23, when there were 39 Chinese aircraft. The aircraft flew over the northeastern region of Taiwan’s Pratas Islands, at the top end of the South China Sea. These fly-bys are now much less common and involve far fewer aircraft.

Security experts speculate that China might be looking at the actions of NATO and the U.S. in the Ukraine crisis. This is to test for weaknesses.

Fox News – They calculated the cost to move against Taiwan. Heino Klinck, ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense for East Asia under Trump Administration, said that they are getting more data points to look at Russia’s actions. The Chinese will take any sign of weakness seriously.

China will not bankrupt Russia if sanctions against Russia are imposed without China’s involvement. China will be a tremendous help to Russia in the coming months. These two countries will be strengthened by the crisis.

The world is about to become very complicated.