Rove Denounces DeSantis’ Proposal to Appoint RFK Jr. to CDC

Karl Rove, the stout Bush-era GOP strategist, appeared on Fox News to call RFK Jr. a “conspiracy theorist,” and so forth. All the smears that you’d expect from a regular MSNBC talking-head, while also criticizing GOP nominee Ron DeSantis who is considering RFK Jr. as the head of the CDC or FDA if he wins in November 2024.

Washington Examiner:

Karl Rove slammed Governor Ron DeSantis for suggesting that, if elected president, he would nominate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to the position of director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Food and Drug Administration.

Rove called DeSantis’ hypothetical choice as the head of U.S. agencies that are responsible for health “a crazy idea”, during a Fox News Interview on Thursday.

Rove read Kennedy’s beliefs on healthcare from a board. Rove listed RFK Jr. conspiracy theories, including vaccines causing Autism and WiFi causing Cancer. He also listed antidepressants causing School Shootings.

Rove went on to say, “[Kennedy] has lots of conspiracy theories besides healthcare,” before switching to a different whiteboard.

The Daily Beast, a neoliberal publication, criticized Bill Hemmer for his stance regarding Rove’s accusations. It wrote, “So-called straight news anchor Bill Hemmer defended anti-vaccine conspiracists as ‘the type of Democrat’ he grew up with. ”

You may be wondering if you’ve lost your mind if a publication such as The Daily Beast lauds you for being a Republican commentator.

Rove has also repeatedly attacked Donald Trump, which is why after the Obama years he was very popular with the MSNBC faction.

Rove was, for instance, brought onto MSNBC in late 2015 to predict preemptively that Trump would lose the general election, without providing any convincing evidence. All D.C. pundits are in the dark and don’t understand their voters.

Rove returned to the network one month after an article in the Wall Street Journal to wage war on Trump. He had not appeared to have learned anything, and he was ashamed to dig a hole for a new job or change career.

Rove’s rhetoric is not obvious, but it will influence anyone regardless of their ideologies.

Did the establishment underestimate the power of their minions to influence the electorate?