Reporter Exposes Alarming Conversation He Had With Top Democratic Senator

On Tuesday, a reporter highlighted a troubling exchange that he had with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.Calif.). Feinstein seemed to have forgotten comments she made recently.

What’s the background?

Feinstein, 89, is the oldest U.S. Senator and the longest-serving member her caucus. She will be the next president pro tempore.

She would be third in the presidential succession after Vice President Kamala Harris, and the House speaker. She told the Washington Post last week that she was not interested in the job.

Feinstein stated, “I have never considered being president pro tempore and I don’t want to be it at the moment.”

What happened to Feinstein?
Bryan Metzger, an Insider reporter, approached Feinstein Tuesday to confirm Feinstein’s decision. She could be the first woman to hold this position in Senate history if she wants it.

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Feinstein seems to have forgotten about her earlier statement.

Metzger was told by the California Democrat, “Well, it’s not something I’ve thought about, but I’ll let y’all know when I do.” “I just got back from a long day, and I have had many issues.”

The reporter claims that Feinstein’s aide “quickly interjected” in order to remind Feinstein of her previous disclosures that she was not interested in the distinguished post.

Feinstein was reportedly told by the aide, “That’s what I’ve told reporters.”

The senator responded, “I don’t know what your saying,”

The aide stated that it was about the Senate pro-tem position.

She replied, “Well, I haven’t said anything about that that I know of.”

“You were asked about it during the break and you gave a statement saying you didn’t intend to run for it,” the aide told the boss. This was referring the Feinstein statement from last month.

Feinstein said, “Okay, well then, I guess it is out.”

Do you have any other suggestions?
This exchange highlighted existing concerns regarding Feinstein’s aging and apparent decline in health.

Senator Patty Murray (D.Wash.), is next in line if Feinstein rejects the president pro-tem position. Murray, 72, has been serving in the Senate for almost 30 years.