Rep. Greene Claims Her TV Is Being Used to Spy on Her

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Congresswoman, implied on Sunday that she was being watched through her TV set. She also expressed concern about being “suicided,” which is a term used to describe a staged homicide that’s been presented as an intentional death. Rep. Greene shared an incident that occurred at her Washington D.C. home. She claimed that her television turned on automatically and that it showed that a computer was trying to connect. She also included details about her active lifestyle and good health, as well as saying that she was “very happy.”

Greene wrote:

Last night in my DC residence, the television turned on by itself and the screen showed someone’s laptop trying to connect to the TV.

Just to be clear:

I am very happy. I am also very fit and healthy. I eat healthily and do a lot of exercise. I have never smoked and will not. I do not take any medications. I have not been vaccinated. I am not worried about strokes, blood clots, or heart conditions.

I don’t have anything to conceal. I love my country, and I know that the corrupt officials in our government have ruined the lives of the people. I am not going to keep quiet or go along with this.

In a subsequent tweet, the Congresswoman shared an article from the FBI that warned Smart TVs can be used to spy on Americans. Greene’s Tweet was retweeted along with a graphic made using the official portrait of former President Barack Obama. A pair of binoculars was added to the tweet as a reference to prior claims about the administration’s spying activities, including the FISA warrants for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The Congresswoman shared the graphic on Twitter.

In case there was still any doubt about what Greene meant, she published an article taken from her official Congressional report regarding the spying allegations to refute the media’s suggestion she was promoting a conspiracy theory.

Greene wrote:

You know what they say about conspiracy theories.

Matt Binder from Mashable provided a more benign explanation of the events surrounding Greene’s television. He suggested that a neighbor accidentally tried to screencast the wrong TV, and criticized the assumption that her life was in danger.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was shocked when one of her neighbors tried to screencast to the wrong television. Her first thought was that someone might be trying to kill her.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was “swatted” multiple times at her home last year. “Swatting”, also known as falsely reporting an emergency to law enforcement and triggering a SWAT response, is the act of making a false report. Two false reports in two days led to the police being called to her house. Police said that the first false report involved gunshots being heard from the home. Later, the suspect used a computerized voice to confess they were upset about Greene’s views on transgender rights. Police said that the second incident involved an alleged hostage-taking, involving a member of Greene’s family who had recently announced their transgender status.