DA Boston Refuses to Prosecute Atlanta ‘Cop City’ Protesters

Authorities have arrested over 50 domestic terrorists that have been terrorizing metro Atlanta for the last few months, trying to stop the construction of a public security training center outside the city. The thugs who were aligned with Antifa, and linked to Stacey Abrams, fired at a Georgia State trooper and destroyed construction equipment. They also torched a car and damaged a historic building in Atlanta. The thugs also targeted the offices and parks of the contractors who were in charge of this project.

It’s suffice to say that it’s going to take a while to move these suspects through the court system. And now, authorities have one less venue to handle the prosecution.

Sherry B. Boston, the DeKalb County district attorney, announced Friday that her office will not prosecute these Antifa goons. WSB-TV reported that Boston issued a statement stating that she would “withdraw [her office] from prosecution of any current cases related to the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.”

Boston withdrew from the prosecution in the January case when domestic terrorists killed a state trooper. They claimed it was the “right thing to do.”

“I intend for the investigation to be impartial and therefore I’m removing myself from the situation,” she said at the time, claiming that, despite no legal conflict of interest, recusing herself “avoids the appearance of any impropriety.”

The plan for prosecuting the terrorists was for Boston’s office to team up with Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to move the cases through the courts, but as the discussions proceeded, Boston said that the conversations “have revealed a fundamental difference in prosecutorial philosophy.”

She did not reveal the reason, but if one reads between the lines you can see that Carr is a Republican and Boston is a Democrat. Does she support the Antifa terrorists? It’s impossible to know for sure, but we can speculate.

Boston continued, “At this time, I’ve decided that it is best to allow them to proceed with the charges they believe are justified.”

Carr assures us that he is in control of the situation.

Carr stated in a press release, “While the district attorney has decided not to assist this case any longer, our office remains fully committed to prosecuting those who have participated in or supported violent actions surrounding the Public Safety Training Center.” “You will be held responsible if you fire at police officers, shoot them, or throw Molotov Cocktails.” “We won’t waver in our commitment to keep Georgians safe, and to stop violent crime.”

Atlanta City Council approved the project earlier this month, despite the fact that Antifa types are now spreading a petition asking for the construction of the training center to be put on the ballot. Atlanta deserves praise for refusing to back down in the face of threats from domestic terrorists.