Ramaswamy Slams CNN Host Over “Gotcha” Question About Trump

This week, mainstream media went into a hissy fit after Donald Trump called his political rivals “vermin”. According to them, he was “echoing Nazis” by using the word.

Take a break. The attack on the Democratic Party is desperate, especially at a time when the Israel-Hamas war has exposed the anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party.

Abby Phillip, host of CNN Wednesday’s show, assumed Vivek Ramaswamy would agree with Trump’s Nazi analogy. She asked him to explain.

Phillip asked: “Do you agree with your Republican counterpart Chris Christie that this is neo-Nazi speech? ”

Ramaswamy responded: “This is a classic mainstream media. Pick a phrase by Donald Trump and take it literally without questioning what the real issue is. ”

Phillip insisted, without providing evidence, that “the word selected was for a specific purpose”.

Ramaswamy replied, “You’ve got Antifa and other groups who have been burning down cities in this country over the last three years. As they break the law, an invasion is taking place at our southern boundary. “There are millions of people that have crossed the southern border.

Ramaswamy refused to accept the word “vermin” that Phillip was using.

If you look at my past, you will see that I have spoken about these topics. All of us have different opinions. Phillip stated, “I won’t play a game in which I ignore what is actually being said, and focus only on the words that someone else used, ignoring the fact that there are border crises of historical proportions, economic stagnation we haven’t experienced for over 50 years, and a loss of nationalism among the younger generation. All of these things could be life-threatening to our country.”

Let’s discuss today our dependence on China. We are not discussing the substance of Donald Trump’s speech, but rather a single word he used.

Ramaswamy continued, “This is what’s wrong with the mainstream media.” Let’s have a policy debate and not just talk to the candidate for president.

You can watch the epic smackdown of Abby Philip here: