George Santos’ Congressional Career Hangs by a Thread After Ethics Report

After the release of a damning report by his ethics committee, GOP Rep. George Santos from New York has been urged to “resign”.

Santos’ report by the House Ethics Committee was released on Thursday. It accused him, among other things, of “using campaign funds for personal use” and “engaging in fraudulent conduct.”

Santos issued a long statement to defend himself and call for a Constitutional Convention under Article V.

The embattled Republican Congressman, who announced that he would not seek re-election, is now being called on to resign by both sides.

Mike Lawler, a Republican from New York, said Thursday in an X message that Santos “should be removed from Congress” if he doesn’t resign.

Lawler stated, “George Santos must end this farce immediately and resign.” If he does not resign, he will be removed from Congress.

Lawler stated that “his conduct is not just unworthy and embarrassing, but criminal.” “He is not fit to serve, and if there was any dignity in him, he would have resigned today.”

Kathy Hochul, Democrat Governor of New York, tweeted: “George Santos must resign.”

Ritchie Torres, a New York Democrat Rep., wrote: “George Santos has announced that he will not be running for reelection after illegally spending campaign funds on porn websites and Botox.”

He added, “I will be New York’s only Jewish gay Latino congressman.”

Santos’s office did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

After the release of an indicting report on the embattled Long Island Republican, the chairman of the House Ethics Committee is moving to expel Santos.

Michael Guest, a Republican Mississippi Representative, stated that “Chairman Guest believes that the evidence found in the Committee’s investigations is more than enough to warrant punishment and that expulsion is the most appropriate punishment.”

“So, apart from the Committee’s process and his role of Chairman, he intends to file an Expulsion Resolution during tomorrow’s pro forma session at 9:00 am.”