Prince William’s Reaction to Patient’s Playful Remarks About Kate Middleton

Prince William could not hold back his laughter when he heard a man make frank remarks about his wife.

The Prince of Wales, 40, had a humorous encounter during his visit with a patient being treated at the Royal Marsden along with his wife.

William introduced himself quietly and shook hands with the man. The patient then said out loud: “You’re such a tall bugger! As captured in a YouTube video by The Royal Family Channel.

William responded, “I’m wearing heels.”

The woman went on to thank the National Health Service in Britain for caring for her husband over a period of 10 years.

She said, “My husband has been treated by the NHS here in the UK for the past 10 years.”

“Really?” William replied:

He then said, “See those people here? They’re ugly, but good,” causing William to laugh.

His wife continued, “They are all excellent,” as her husband hurriedly urged her on.

“Let me tell William! “, she replied.

When the woman was praising the new facilities her husband gave Williams his approval of the Princess of Wales.

“And your wife’s not bad,” he said. “She’s a nice lady as well.”

William burst out in laughter.

“He is a chatty guy!” ” The nurses are watching you,” he said. ”

According to People magazine, William’s visit is part of his duties as president of The Royal Marsden. His mother, Princess Diana held this title before him.

The current Princess of Wales’ fans are not shy to tell her husband.

Kate was at the engagement.

Moran said in People magazine that he told Moran, “Thank you for saying so.” He added, “I love her too. Nice of you to tell me that.”

The Scottish government announced on Friday that the Prince of Wales and Princess Camilla will travel to Scotland to celebrate the coronation of King Charles II and his wife Queen Camilla. Scotland is celebrating the coronation in Edinburgh during Royal Week.

In Scotland, the Prince and Princess are known as Duke and Duchess Rothesay. After Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September, they inherited these titles from Charles.

They also have the Scottish titles Earl and Countess Strathearn which they received on their wedding date in 2011. According to the outlet, they also use their more senior Duke and Duchess Rothesay titles.

Charles and Camilla were crowned on May 6 at London’s Westminster Abbey. A service in Edinburgh marks the reign of the new monarch in Scotland.