Boris Johnson Resigns from Parliament, Alleges Forced Exit Amid Partygate Scandal

In an extensive, defensive statement issued on Friday, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he will be stepping down as a parliament member.

In September 2022, the embattled politician was accused of hosting parties at 10 Downing Street, which is the official residence of the Prime Minister. The parties were accused of violating COVID-19’s social distance rules at the height of the pandemic.

He represented Uxbridge South Ruislip Greater London and the Parliament up until Friday.

In the letter of resignation, Johnson referred back to the report of the Commons Select Committee of Prerogatives that examined whether Johnson had deceived the House of Commons by claiming he followed the COVID-19 lockdown regulations during the “Partygate” scandal.

He could be suspended for more than 10 days.

In a written statement, Johnson stated that he had received a letter from an organization that wanted to use the proceedings against him in order to force him out.

The statement continued: “I am being forced to leave my job by a very small group of people, who do not have any evidence or support for their claims and have neither the approval of Conservative Party Members nor the general electorate. ”

In the letter, Johnson claimed innocence by claiming there were no facts incriminating him and that members of the committee made “deeply biased” statements about his supposed guilt.

Johnson said, “They shouldn’t have been involved.” In retrospect, it was foolish to think that the proceedings were fair or useful.

The statement continued: “I am very sorry that I will leave the Parliament – for now, at least – but I’m most confused and horrified about how I can be forced out. ”

Johnson also criticized Rishi Sunak’s unpopularity with the Conservative Party. Rishi Sunak was Johnson’s current Prime Minister and the Chancellor.

Johnson stated in a press release that, “when I left my office last summer the government was only a few percentage points behind the polls. ” This gap is massively increasing. ”

Johnson’s resignation triggers by-elections in his district. This is a swing district.