Plaskett’s Attempt to Silence RFK Backfires Spectacularly

The Democrats have really been on a rampage in the last few days, as their narratives are slowly falling apart and they reveal their true colors.

On Wednesday, we saw how they lost their cool when two IRS whistleblowers testified before the House about the slow-walking of the Hunter Biden investigation and the interference.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was back at it on Thursday when he spoke to the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee for the Weaponization Federal Government. RFK Jr. delivered a captivating opening statement before the Committee. Democrats did everything they could to silence him, including voting to censor his speech.

They tried to smear him as much as they could and even cut him off. Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands was the ranking member and threw a tantrum over the amount of time he had to speak. The Democrats don’t like free speech when it could expose their censorship. Jim Jordan, the committee chair, was not amused and crushed her attempt.

Jordan said that Kennedy might be given more time if he had been a witness in the past. Plaskett was enraged.

Plaskett reacted in an abrasive manner, “Let’s squash the time for the witnesses.”

Jordan said, pointing to her goal in a sarcastic way, “And you are welcome to cut him off or censor him.”

She then tries to get back on track by saying, “That’s my job”, and that he should “threaten witnesses” which has nothing to do with what was happening. In fact, the Democrats are trying to intimidate a witness.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY, gave Kennedy some time to respond to the smears.

Kennedy then went on to dismiss some of Plaskett’s and other Democrats’ attempts to smear Kennedy.

Kennedy said that it was absurd to suggest that he made a racist film or that he espoused racist theories. He emphasized that it was his Uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts (D), who called for hearings about the Tuskegee experiment. RFK Jr. stated that this had a profound effect on him. Plaskett interrupted yet again, even though it had been his turn to speak. Jordan had to intervene and tell her to allow him to speak.

Kennedy added, “To claim that I made a film which encourages Blacks to not get adequate medical treatment is completely abhorrent.”

Plaskett again interrupted, “Don’t say my words …”

Massie told her to “not censor the witnesses.”

She said, “I am not censoring a witness” even though she was speaking right over him, censoring him. Don’t look at what I am doing, right before your eyes.

Massie stopped her and said, “It is my time and I have given it to the witnesses.” “Do not censor him.”

Kennedy called what the Democrats said “defamations and malignancies,” saying that they don’t want anyone to hear him.

Plaskett’s actions showed how desperate they were to not have him speak or, if that failed, to discredit him. Imagine the irony of censoring someone at a hearing on censorship. This shows how far the Democrats have twisted their views on this issue.

Why? There is a well-known Democrat who exposes their censorship racket. He can speak with authority on the subject because they did this to him, and he has receipts. Kennedy’s talk about censorship is likely to get the attention of Democrats who may not have listened when Republicans talked about it. This is not going to look good for the Democrats or Biden’s administration.