Biden Staff Admits to Making Accommodations for President’s Stumbling

Even the liberal media has now pointed out that “subtle accommodation” is being made to Joe Biden’s declining condition.

It’s the issue of the short staircases, which I have mentioned before. Liberal media are now writing more about the issue and pointing out that the White House hasn’t provided any answers.

The casualness of the president’s clothing distracted attention from another thing — something that reporters who travel with them have noticed for some time. Biden boarded the aircraft using the smaller set of retractable steps that fold into its belly. It began a few weeks ago when the president started to avoid the grand, traditional entrance near the front of the aircraft, on the main passenger floor, which is higher above the tarmac.

It appears that the new routine is another subtle adaptation to the President’s age. The White House will not admit that it is in plain view. Bloomberg’s Justin Sink asked Karine Jean Pierre about this during the in-flight chat. Three weeks earlier, when the president was traveling to New York and again used the lower steps to board, the White House refused to acknowledge that interpretation. Sink asked if Biden was having “mobility issues” or if it was “to address – you know, you’ve had a few incidents where he fell on the stairs when getting up, and you guys decided that it would be better for him.”

Biden also used the shorter stairs on every flight to Europe, including to London, Vilnius, and Helsinki. He used the longer steps to descend to Europe for the formal greeting ceremonies.

What was the response of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when asked about this matter? She had no idea.

Jean-Pierre responded, “I have no decision process that I need to follow.” “I’m certain there’s a procedure that’s used — for Air Force One.” “I just don’t know.”

Officials at the White House said that there is no “hard-and-fast rule.”

Uh-huh? This started after he fell at the Air Force Commencement. He had previously fallen multiple times, including when he was climbing the stairs to Air Force One two years ago.

Politico reports that, although the public response would not admit they are trying to accommodate Mr. Smith’s issues, two sources have privately confirmed this.

Two Biden advisers POLITICO spoke to privately admitted that the move was made to direct the 80-year-old president more frequently to the lower stairwells to ease his travel and reduce the risk of missteps. Why would you want to climb 26 wobbly stairs at Joint Base Andrews that are raised from the back of the pick-up truck driving up next to Air Force One when there is the option of only 14 steps? Even when the rest of the press corps is unlikely to notice.

Biden stumbled a little bit even though he took fewer steps to climb the stairs when he left Helsinki. It’s interesting that people are leaking information about this when the official position is to not acknowledge it. You have people on his team that aren’t completely willing to play along with the game.

He’s also wearing other shoes than dress ones, possibly also in the hope that this will help him avoid tripping.

The shoes are another concession made to comfort the aging population.

Biden, according to a person close to President Obama, used to only wear dress shoes. He believed that wearing any other type of footwear was unpresidential. In recent months, he’s changed his mind. The person also said that Biden’s gait had stiffened to the point his doctor noted it in his annual physical. He is still sometimes bothered by the residual pain from a foot he fractured while playing with his dog during the transition over two years ago.

The goal is to reduce situations in which his “physical frailty may be more apparent” and “ease the burden of travel”, such as not having him attend the dinner for the NATO leaders, the third time Biden has either missed or left the summit early.

We reported how former Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to give Biden a little cover by talking about people who were older than him including her saying he should “embrace his age.” “He’s a kid. It’s relative – he’s younger than I am, he’s a kid to me as well,” the 83-year-old said. But that just emphasizes the age problems with the Democrats.

Joe Biden’s problem is not just his “age,” but also the lack of coherence we see every day. When he’s got such serious problems, you can only cover so much by removing the short steps. They won’t be able this time to hide him in a basement.