Peter Strzok and Nicole Wallace: FBI Has Secret Unit to Protect Agents From Americans

One of the things that has been most concerning about the weaponization of government has been the revelations from FBI whistleblowers revealing how political everything has become.

According to NBC, the FBI has created a separate unit to deal “with threats and harassment from people who feel they haven’t done enough to protect the son of the president.”

There are also threats to the security of:

The attacks by former president Donald Trump and congressional Republicans on the Justice Department and FBI coincided with two federal indictments against Trump.

Please read it again. The media has attached it to Republicans who have raised questions about the dual justice system. Oh, this is not going to cause any problems, it doesn’t even resemble further politicization.

Listen to what Nicolle Wallis of MSNBC and the disgraced ex-FBI official Peter Strzok say about this. Strzok is a disgraced former FBI official. You can imagine how MSNBC feels when Strzok appears as an authority. Listen to them both trying to blame Republicans or smear Republicans over the “threats.” Strzok accuses House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of mentioning the name of an “AUSA” who was involved in this matter.

He says it is “getting worse behind the testimony” of senators, and “it has to stop.”

You don’t think that Congress should be able to oversee an investigation into the politicization of government? Is that what he is saying? You should have an anonymous secret police, who cannot be identified or questioned. Now there is a “unit,” which will investigate “threats.” He does not see a problem with his statement — that there was no such unit in the past when they were dealing with Al Capone and organized crime families. Is there a new justification now? He does not want to know why the American public now doubts the agency’s objectivity.

Wallace then accuses Republicans of spreading disinformation in support of Russian troll farm operations in 2020. We can talk about all the disinformation that Democrats and MSNBC spread over Russia collusion. She claims that Republicans are “doing mob-like intimidation, threatening, and putting prosecutors in danger; why do you need Proud Boys?” List the “threats.” It is not a threat to open a well-deserved investigation into Joe Biden’s impeachment and investigate improper FBI behavior. According to new polling, most Americans are in favor of the impeachment investigation.

It is also worth wondering if the investigations have been a bit too close to home for people like Strzok. Many people said the FBI did not need a special unit to protect it; they needed one to ensure that those in the FBI who were politicized weren’t targeting the American public and the law.

Steve Friend, an FBI whistleblower, had this to say about Strzok’s remark.