Brutal New Polling for Joe Biden Vs. Donald Trump

Joe Biden’s current polling numbers are not good. It may be because Democrats are so worried about the impeachment investigation and have been trying to manipulate the media with “marching order” in an attempt to undermine the inquiry. Biden might not be able to handle any more bad news. His age, his incoherence, and his bad policies have already gotten him into trouble.

Biden’s performance against his main opponent, former president Donald Trump, across multiple metrics is not encouraging for the 80-year-old. At this stage, I’ll give you the same caution that I give to polls: It’s still early. This must be troubling for the Democrats.

The poll showed that Americans do not think Trump has the same age problem as Joe Biden. They see Biden deteriorating day after day — and this is reflected in Quinnipiac’s survey.

The data also shows that Americans prefer Trump to deal with national crises. This shows that they don’t buy what Democrats try to sell about Biden. Biden’s political career has been marked by his being wrong. He’s made mistakes in everything he has done since assuming office. It’s easy to see why they prefer Trump.

A poll conducted by Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School, and USA Today also found that Americans trust Trump more than other candidates when it comes to the economy.

Suffolk Poll:

According to the poll, only 34% approve of Biden’s handling of the economic situation, while 59% disapprove. Seventy-six% of independents, and even 34% of Democrats, said that the economy was getting worse. 84% of Americans believe their cost of living has increased, with food and grocery being the most important concern.

If he’s the nominee, the big question is whether or not he can win over the independents. They know that they did so much better with Trump than Biden when it comes to the economics. The economy gets twenty points.

No wonder Biden supporters are going crazy. Trump has a two-point lead, but he is 10 points ahead with independents. This is a substantial lead and indicates that he may very well win if the data is accurate.

There’s also a significant shift in the numbers of critical groups, including women, black voters, Voters under 45, Hispanics, and suburban women, from the numbers in 2020. Suburban women and Hispanics, as well as black voters, those under 45 years old, and women have all shifted significantly in favor of Trump.

Democrats appear to be committing to a sinking vessel. It’s still a while before the election, but it is easy to understand why Biden and Democrats are in a panic.