Pete Buttigieg Is too Busy Blaming White Men for Things to Be Bothered With the East Palestine Disaster

Who is the most incompetent member of the current administration? It is difficult to choose. Karine Jean Pierre is the worst at her job. She is the Michael Jordan of malapropisms. Every day, she amazes the nation with her ineptitude. But, alas! she is not in a position of power.

Kamala Harris, depending on the day and the election, is always running. She isn’t a fan of Venn diagrams, but she can be found laughing at electric school buses. However, she doesn’t have any authority except for the occasional tie-breaking vote in Senate. Like her boss, she is in a job that’s “worth a warm bucket full of spit,” just like Veep.

No, Pete Butterg is my choice.

“Mayor Pete”, the Transportation Secretary, was chosen because he had one qualification: he checked the box for gay marriage. Buttigieg, who is gay and married, was qualified for this cabinet. Kamala filled 2 boxes, but Pete filled the critical gay box. A Joe Biden cabinet is incomplete without a gay married man. You might think that Mayor Pete ran as a candidate for President and was elected Mayor, but he failed both times and failed badly. He failed to fill the South Bend potholes at the latter. He’s gay so he’s Transportation Secretary.

Pete vanished while the nation was in a state of transportation chaos. He had other important things to do. He was on maternity leaves with his wife and took weeks to nurse. It seemed that transportation could be put off while Pete’s children bonded with their dads.

Buttigieg in 2021 attributed the supply-chain crisis and the ships sitting offshore to Joe Biden’s amazing job of inflating the economy. “Demand is up, income is up because President Obama has successfully guided this country out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.”

Mayor Pete wrote a harsh letter to airlines during an airline crisis. It was likely written on his private plane and asked them to give food vouchers to stranded passengers. Famously, he was seen riding a bike for half a mile after leaving his SUV.

As the mayor of a small city, he was a bit over his head. But, he is gay and can be a cabinet secretary.

Mayor Pete was not present when a train in Ohio became stuck, causing East Palestine to be evacuated. He was too busy with other transportation matters, such as blaming white people. You may wonder what? What can be attributed to white men?

Pete was not present to assess the impact of the East Palestine derailment, the water contamination, and surrounding groundwater on Ohio and the Ohio River over the past 11 days. He was speaking at a National Association of Counties conference, reminding everyone that all white men, especially those who build roads, offices, bridges, and homes, are bad.

He stated:

There are many stories of infrastructure that have been told over the years that a community, often one of color, sees the project coming to them. But the people who work hard on the project, the well-paid jobs, don’t seem like they were from the neighborhood.

His latest gem can be found at the 4-minute mark.

You may be aware (and I will remind anyone who doesn’t), that racism is built into highways.

Mayor Pete has yet to visit the worst transportation-related ecological disaster in recent memory in East Palestine. Although he did not mention East Palestine at the conference, he did mention hard-hatted white men.

Why has he not visited East Palestine? It is 93 percent of white. Perhaps there are not enough virtue points? Hard hats are a common feature of white men.