Disturbing Viral Video Shows Middle School Student Body-Slam Smaller Student to the Ground

New York Police announced that charges were pending against a middle-school student for allegedly ‘body-slamming,’ a smaller student to the ground.

The video shows them interacting with a school bus in the background. Other students are also present. After the attack, he flies away.

The viral video was shared on social media. Users identified the school as Cosgrove Middle School, Spencerport. Spencerport is a small village with approximately 3,600 residents, which is considered a suburb of Rochester.

The video was popular enough to be viewed more than 2.3 Million times on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the district said that a 15-year-old male student attacked the middle school student at the eleven-year mark after Monday’s dismissal.

Travis Gray, Chief of Ogden Police, stated that while the student’s family had filed charges Tuesday morning against the student, police received the video Monday evening.

Chief Gray stated that because these boys are young, there is very little we can do to speak with them without their parents. “We must have parents involved at all stages of this investigation. Our first step was to talk to the victim’s family.

He stated that charges were being considered in relation to the incident and that the victim suffered minor injuries.

Superintendent Kristin Swann wrote to the families that the student involved in the attack wasn’t in school and that they were doing their own investigation according to the student code of conduct.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable,” Swann stated, “It cannot and will never be tolerated.”

She said that the child with injuries was being evaluated and that any additional support would be provided.

Gray stated that Gray is working closely with Gray and the victim’s school district to determine the best course and ensure justice is done for the victim.