Oliver Anthony Stumps Joe Rogan on Podcast

Oliver Anthony, a newly discovered folk singer has seen his star continue to rise. The latest example is an appearance on Joe Rogan’s highly-rated podcast.

Anthony first burst onto the music scene (and political scene) in mid-August when his song Rich Men North of Richmond became viral. This sparked a wave of media attention that culminated in Anthony performing his first paid concert in North Carolina.

Anthony has been pigeonholed by both leftists and rightists. Rolling Stone and other sites attacked the singer early on because of his right-wing lyrics. Some conservatives became angry with Anthony later when he said that politicians and influencers who embraced him were not on his side.

What did Anthony say to Rogan about this? He didn’t talk politics but instead, he read scripture (Proverbs 4:10-27), which left the podcast host speechless.

ANTHONY: “My Son, listen to what I have to say. Turn your ears to my words. Keep them in your heart, don’t let them go out of sight. They are the life and health of those who discover them. Guard your heart above all else. Everything you do is a result of it. Avoid perversity in your speech; do not speak corruptly. Fix your gaze straight ahead. Be sure to carefully consider the path you will take for your feet, and remain steadfast. “Do not turn left or right; keep your feet away from evil.”

Anthony shared his story of salvation with Rogan. He spoke about an injury that left him feeling alone and desperate. He was lying in bed in the hospital with a fractured head and said, “I can’t continue like this.” And he asked God for another chance to complete what he thought remained to be done in his life.

The singer alluded also to the writings in Romans by the Apostle Paul, noting that all are destined to be slaves to something and that the best path is to choose God over worldly idols that will fade away.

ANTHONY: We serve a master whether we are aware of it or not. So why not make it the one that is most important?

It’s pretty amazing that Joe Rogan has shared the Gospel directly with anyone before. Maybe a seed has been planted that will grow. Anthony is a man of faith who has not backed down in spite of fame and fortune.

Does this mean Anthony is the spiritually most mature Christian in the world? No, of course not. But I would caution anyone who attacks him because he does not fit into what some may consider to be the perfect mold. Anthony is certainly one of many imperfect people who have been used by the Bible as messengers for the Gospel.

In my previous writings, I have said that those who try to make him a political force (both sides) are misguided. This is not his intention, and it’s not something to be condemned. I don’t care which political party he votes for or what he says about 2020. I think there’s more to the world than political slapfighting. Reading scripture to Joe Rogan is a worthwhile cause.