Biden’s Bizarre Hurricane Idalia Presser: Jokes, Snaps, and Talk of Landfills

Joe Biden is sometimes let out of the White House by the power that be, but it usually ends badly.

Biden and Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas were at FEMA headquarters, discussing the response to Hurricane Idalia. The president announced that he approved a disaster designation for all affected states, including Florida. Biden stated that he spoke to Gov. Ron DeSantis will be in Florida Saturday morning.

Joe Biden tried to crack jokes. It’s that guy they said was so empathic. He tried this when he went to Maui and saw the ruins of the fire disaster. The experiment was a failure both in Maui and here. He made a joke about turning his back to the majority.

A few attempts to laugh were made, but mostly there was an uncomfortable silence. It was not the right time to joke, just as it wasn’t appropriate to make fun of the fact that the ground felt hot in Maui after the fire that killed so many.

Biden then moved on to the climate change portion of the exercise, claiming that normal things such as hurricanes were somehow caused by warming. This was despite the fact that hurricanes had been occurring in Florida for decades. What is the Democratic response to climate change and everything else? Give us more money!

Biden once again proved that he didn’t know what he meant when he said the Category 3 Hurricane was making “landfill”, instead of “landfall”.

Landfill = pretty well any Democratic policy

Biden was upset by a reporter who asked him a question that had nothing to do with the FEMA briefing.

Biden, furious at the reporter, snapped: “Let’s discuss why I’m there.” He could not temporize, as he had only his notes from the meeting and no script of what was asked.

The response he struggled to give was not related to the hurricane. What are you doing about the drug flow at the border, he asked.

Biden claimed he could not secure the border unless he was given billions more dollars “to cover the technology required.” More money is never the answer, but it always seems to be. Democrats will say that if it doesn’t, just give us more cash and it’ll be successful this time. This is their entire “policy” approach.

He was lost after he had finished speaking. He was completely lost, unable to understand what he should do. Looking around and asking in confusion, “Where am I going now?”

It’s embarrassing that the powers-that-be continue to let him go. This man (or whoever it is that is behind this mess), is putting all of us in danger.

Biden’s biography revealed that Biden is often “tired,” as I previously reported. The White House often has to adjust Biden’s schedule to accommodate this. They’re not transparent about his health or the reason he saw his doctor last week.

They can’t prevent these embarrassing and damaging incidents from occurring.