Of Course, Biden Diverts to Allegations of Genocide in Ukraine for Cheap Political Points

On Tuesday, the presumptive US President Joe Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of overseeing genocide against Ukraine. He stressed however that this was only his personal opinion, and not a legal decision.

The remark initially came offhandedly in a speech at a bioethanol plant in Iowa, in which Mr. Biden was announcing measures to counteract rising gas prices. About halfway through the speech, he made reference to Mr. Putin and the war’s economic impact on Americans.

“Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away,” Mr. Biden said. It was a marked escalation from statements earlier this month when he said Russian atrocities in the suburbs near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, amounted to war crimes but did not rise to the level of genocide.

The president repeated his claims as he left Iowa on Tuesday afternoon.

“Yes. I called it genocide. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Putin wants to end the possibility that Ukrainians could identify themselves as Ukrainians.

He replied, “But it sure feels like that to me. It will be up to the lawyers to decide if it is eligible for international recognition. ”

Genocide is an international term that has a different meaning than what it means in international law. It is defined precisely.

Article 2 The Convention defines genocide to be any act that aims at destroying a nation, ethnic, or religious group in its entirety or part. (a) Killing members.

(b). Inflicting severe bodily and psychological harm upon members of the group

(c). Inflicting deliberate damage on group conditions that leads to its physical destruction in whole or in part.

(d). Imposing preventive steps to stop the births in the group

(e). Forced transfer of children between two groups.

As the war in Ukraine continues, new evidence emerges about Russian atrocities against civilians unarmed in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Army Liberates Territory From Russian Invaders, Discovers Murdered Citizens, Russia’s Torture Chamber is Found in Liberated Ukraine Town. Russia continues to do what it is good at, and Russia denies its army committing war crimes in Ukraine in the most Russian way possible. As more cities are liberated, the evidence not only comes from the Ukrainian government but also from major news media such as the New York Times and Economist.

Even Russia admits that thousands of civilians were murdered. They claim that this was part of a Ukrainian “false Flag operation.”

Other troubling aspects of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine are emerging. Many thousands of Ukrainians could have been deported.

There is increasing evidence that deported Ukrainian children have been taken from their families to be placed in Russian homes. This has been made possible by the Russian Duma changing the Russian adoption law.

Some of Putin’s public pronouncements appear to have been made at the Wannsee Conference by his inner circle (Kremlin Newspaper: Putin Confidant Endorses Genocide in Russia’s Last Solution for Ukraine Problem).

This could have been very important if Biden hadn’t made the false statement about the effect of the Ukraine war, on US gas prices, food prices, and inflation. The EU was also affected by this.

Macron is a cuck and weenie but he is also president of France. Biden’s remarks were unhelpful at a time when NATO, the EU, and other countries need to unite.

What does this all mean for the fate of the Iran nuclear deal? Biden follows Obama’s diplomatic strategy which utilized Russia’s “good offices” to help Iran negotiate. It is difficult to see how it is possible for a genocidaire to work with you.

Biden stated that it was possible that the Russian media would have already described the genocidal strategy against Ukraine. This looming disaster was then transformed by Biden into a political victory.