A Whistleblower Confirms Hundreds of Disney Employees Have Been Busted for Sex Crimes Against Children

A Walt Disney Company whistleblower made a shocking claim Monday. She claimed that. hundreds of Walt Disney Company employees were incarcerated for child sex crimes over the years and that the company attempted to hide it to protect its brand.

Last month, three Disney employees were part of a child sex trafficking operation.

Kathy, the whistleblower shared her story on Newsmax’s The Benny Show. Benny Johnson joined her on the Benny Show. He said that Disney doesn’t address “things which are unfavorable” within its organization and that employees are instructed to keep their mouths shut about any problems that could jeopardize the brand.

Disney believes supporting transgender ideology, and opposing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill is in line with Disney’s brand.

Johnson asked Kathy whether Disney has ever addressed the “very grave and horrifying record of Disney employees being accused of sex crime against children.” She replied emphatically, “No. ”

She stated, “We don’t talk about unpleasant things.” She explained that Disney employees are always monitored and are unable to provide any assistance to children. But the real problem is their time.

“It’s not talked about.” It’s something that is not being talked about. Xavier Jackson (a 27-year-old lifeguard at Disney Polynesian Resort) was one of those who were caught up in the sting.

“I would bet dollars to donuts that Jackson’s departure was not discussed with the leadership team.” ”

The whistleblower complained that the company was following a woke agenda.

Kathy said, “I don’t see it getting worse…The agenda needs to be pushed…I don’t think it will have a huge effect on their business. The Disney Dream of the American middle-class family is not what they want. ”

An audio recording of a Zoom Meeting at Disney was leaked to the public earlier in the month. It featured Karen Burke, president, and CEO of Disney’s General Entertainment Content. She said that Disney has a “not-all-secret gay agenda”, which is constantly adding queerness to children’s programming.

The company also promised to fight Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education Law.