Obamacare Architect Crawls out of the Woodwork to Tell Us to Start Wearing Really High-Quality Masks

The famous Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has returned with new “words and wisdom” tricks. Evidently, he forgot all about his infamy during Barack Obama’s failed fleecing of America through government-run healthcare. It doesn’t matter, Zeke is late to the party.

XBB, a new COVID variant was discussed on Monday’s MSNBC segment. 1.5 Emanuel said to Mitchell that Americans should wear “really high-quality masks.” But we’ll get to that part in a moment.

Emanuel spoke out about the COVID variant currently plaguing China. He said that it was spreading quickly, which means that it can evade or out-compete other subvariants.

It not only seems to be able to avoid antibodies, but it also binds to cells more tightly, giving it the competitive edge it requires. Unfortunately, the vaccines and antibodies we have against infections don’t work. The monoclonal antibody Evusheld, which a lot of immune-compromised patients do not use, doesn’t seem like it’s working as well.

Zeke, hang on! You’re saying that vaccines don’t work? Joe “Winter Of Severe Illness And Death” Biden has been alerted to this. This is going to be a problem, Zeke.

Emanuel anticipated that the U.S. will see an increase in COVID cases as was to be expected. It is not going to end. (No.)

Mitchell was also informed by Emanuel that the coronavirus would continue to evolve, creating new variants.

It is possible to see that the virus spreads to more people. The higher the likelihood of it reproducing, the greater the risk of mutations or recombination events. This is what really concerns China.

Although I am not an expert on emerging and infectious diseases, I do know that viruses survive by reproducing themselves, which can lead to “variants.” Are you familiar with flu strains? Because coronavirus and influenza can survive in animals, COVID — just like flu strains — is here to stay.

Emanuel, however, poured cold water over travel bans as well as negative COVID test results.

They’re not trying to delay you with a travel ban or negative test results. They are trying to get information from us; they won’t help. Andrea, individually, masks are the best thing they can do for their viewers. I know that a lot of them resist. N95 masks are really high-quality. These masks are very high quality and can be used to protect you from what is out there at the airports, on trains, or in shopping malls.

Zeke is the only problem

In December, I reported that the CDC took almost two years to inform America and presumably the rest of the world that cloth masks are virtually useless for reducing the spread of COVID-19. N95 masks, however, provide the highest level of protection. A new peer-reviewed international randomized controlled study (RCT), which was conducted in the context of aerosolized transmission, found no statistically significant evidence. This includes N95s.


You can find more in my report here:

The study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week, was led by McMaster University researchers in Canada. It found that there wasn’t a statistically significant protection difference between the two types of masks in hospitals in Canada, Israel, and Pakistan.

The Canadian government and the World Health Organization were the funders. They oppose masking young children and found no evidence that face coverings made any difference in the fight against influenza in the 2019 study.

The protection provided by face masks has been poor in previous RCTs from the COVID era. A Danish study with 6,000 participants that was difficult to publish in AIM found no statistically significant differences between surgical and non-mask wearers.

Yale University conducted a larger study and found that we don’t know if surgical mask effectiveness is greater than 0 percent based on the 95 percent confidence intervals.



What did we learn? Zeke Emanuel acknowledged that “vaccines do not seem to work” against this latest variant. According to large studies, masks don’t work either, even the much-maligned N95 mask.

What does this leave us? We can trust that our bodies will decide what we put into them, regardless of the scare tactics of Joe Biden and the COVID Gnome who has since departed, Zeke Emanuel, and all the other “experts.”