Newt Gingrich’s Expert Analysis on the Speaker Vote Is Eye-Roll Worthy

Fox still allows you to air your opinions and you can entertain America by doing so. You mean, the ones that don’t pay attention to you. Ironically, this includes me as I have to.

As you can see from the beginning of this article, I don’t like Newt Gingrich. There are many reasons, but let’s not get into the details. Let’s just focus on what’s happening right now and why I was shocked by Newt’s analysis.

Today marks the official swearing-in of the new Congress for the next two year. The Senate and House of Representatives choose their leaders to lead them through that period. The biggest change in course is on the House of Representatives side, where Republicans have a slim majority and Kevin McCarthy, the current GOP leader is not an enticing candidate to replace Nancy Pelosi.

Why did Kevin McCarthy wait so long to win people over?

As the House Speaker Vote Approaches, a ‘Unity-Candidate” declares his candidacy

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But I won’t get too excited about Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House. I’ve written extensively about the problems the Republican Party faces nationally and in Michigan. It is longer-term-wise for me to be more critical about the moment when the Republicans have a five-seat lead at the House of Representatives. You can find more articles and discussions on my radio program about this subject.

But, I’m curious about McCarthy’s continued leadership after not receiving enough votes to be Speaker in 2015. He was supposed to replace John Boehner due to lack of votes. You will recall that Paul Ryan, who was then Speaker of the House, skipped the GOP leadership.

Interesting huh?

Today we come to an article by Bob Hoge, RedState’s colleague. It concerns Newts’ comments about Fox News and his ever so bloated analysis using his time in the House Speaker position. He was kicked out of office in 1999 by his colleagues. Newt Gingrich Blames ‘Never Kevin Caucus’ and Warns of Chaos

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, blasted five “Never Kevin” Republicans for refusing to support California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid to be Speaker of the House. Gingrich, who appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning, predicted that chaos would ensue if the five “Never Kevin” Republicans refuse to support California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House.

They don’t seem to understand my situation. They aren’t voting against Kevin McCarthy; they’re voting against more than 215 members in their conference

Their conference voted unanimously, 85%, to have McCarthy as speaker [in November]. So this is a fight between a few people and the whole conference.

It warms my heart to hear Newt speak of chaos, even though the next person in line isn’t a sure-winner for a vote.

Good old Gingrich and all the other conservative carnival barkers who are trying to hype up this Speaker vote to Armageddon will occasionally comment on the fact that liberal and progressive whackjobs residing within the Democratic Party require that EVERYONE THINK THE SMALL SAME. It is also wrong for everyone to do the same thing in that instance.

The doomsday harpers are right on this point. Or the left will demand that everyone says and thinks the same. Otherwise, the woke monster can devour your career.

This is our reality, even though the midterm election was supposed to be a red-wave, but it turned out to have been a piddle of an a puddle because of the absence of leadership in Washington DC, and in many states by Republicans. The utter failure of November’s results is the reason that rank-and-file members of Congress should have a conversation, even if they disagree with the leadership.

Is it going to cause chaos if there is a political debate about who will lead the people’s house and not an anointing? I don’t think so.

Please send me the eyeroll emoji.

In this post: Michigan Republican Congressman Wants to Be Friends with Everyone, Which Doesn’t Work (which I touched upon last week), I mentioned the importance of having an open, possibly bitter debate. John James, my new Congressman, had his thoughts on the topic of who should be leading.

“It is extremely sad that so much of this stuff is being made public. The best way to manage family business is within the family, and then present a united front. However, some people have chosen their methods,” James said to the Washington Examiner while attending orientation meetings in Washington.

John James is wrong about this. This battle must be fought in public.

Is it embarrassing? Sure? It isn’t supposed to be noncontroversial and sterile.

As Newt would gushee about, I’m certain the founders would also agree. The American Republic was founded on the principle of freedom and not conforming to orders. Kevin McCarthy and any elected official must earn respect and every vote every single time, not because he is the next in line.

Chaos is not created by one person not receiving an obligatory ballot or its aftermath. Chaos, I argue, is…

The southern border.
These are the wars that we send our soldiers and women to.
Both Democrats and Republicans continue to vote to spend the debt. The chaos will come later, when the dollar plummets and the country must over-tax for its overspending.

Regardless of whether Kevin McCarty is elected Speaker, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Although I am sure that Newt will be disappointed, he will still survive. America will also survive.