NY Attorney General Letitia James Sues Trump For Alleged Fraud

Letitia, a New York Democrat filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Donald Trump and his children. They claim they undervalued their property to get better rates on loans, taxes, policies, and other financial services.

James’s case is not a criminal matter. The deed seeks to prohibit Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump from being in executive positions in any New York-based business and to ban The Trump Organization from purchasing commercial real estate in New York.

James has been doing a multi-year investigation into the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed less than 50 days before midterm elections.

Alina Habba was Trump’s lawyer. She stated that the lawsuit was not focused on the law.

Donald Trump Jr. was clearer, tweeting “The bullshit Dem Witch Hunt continues!” He also uploaded a video in which James stated he would sue Trump.

Trump Jr. also posted another video in which James called Trump “illegitimate” president and said that she was looking forward to “suing him, returning home”,

She also called him an “existential danger” and “crazy.” ”

“This president is a threat to all of us… Trump’s defeat is the number one priority for this country, she said.

Eric Trump tweeted a summary from her remarks. It was a joke…

Rep. Jim Banks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee called James “desperate.” ”

Elise Stefanik (Republican -NY), Chair for the GOP House Conference, stated that James was on a “deranged anti Trump Mission” since before she became Attorney General. ”

Nick Langworthy, Chairman of New York GOP called the lawsuit a “brazen publicity stunt”. ”

“Tish James’ civil suit against the Trump family 49 day before the election is one the most brazen political publicity stunts that I have ever seen. Recent polling shows that voters are abandoning her and her fellow Democrats.

Tish James continues to deny the state’s corruption and crime wave. Her incessant obsession with the President and his extended family is unacceptable.