Eight Hospitalized After Explosion Tears Through Top Floor of Chicago Apartment Building

Officials said at least eight people were injured Tuesday morning in an explosion that ripped through a South Austin residence in Chicago.

According to Chicago Fire Department, eight people were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Three of the victims were critically injured after an explosion at an apartment block on West West End Avenue. WGN-TV reported the incident at 5600 Block West West End Avenue.

The fire department stated, “There was a confirmed blast, but it is unknown what caused the explosion.”

Officials said that there were many people evacuated from the area. Marc Ferman (Deputy Fire Commissioner) stated that 10 ambulances had been dispatched to the site to help rescue the building.

Witnesses reported hearing a blast at 9:00 AM. Witnesses said that the blast caused the building’s shake.

Lawrence Lewis, a resident of the building stated, “He fell asleep, heard a loud boom, and then woke up to see his windows and front door open. ”

Otis Manning lived in the same building across the street as Otis Manning. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, he was about to start work when the blast blew up the top floor of the neighboring building.

He said, “All of sudden I hear a boom.” “My heart almost burst. I saw broken windows and debris everywhere.”

Other witnesses to the explosion reported strange smells in a corridor.

People’s Gas told WGN that they had no reason to believe that it was a natural gas blast. The fire department is still investigating.

Roman Viere, the owner of the building, stated that his first concern was their health and well-being. We are ready to assist our residents and work with emergency services.

Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, made the following statement:

“I’m closely following the unfolding events and both the Chicago Fire Department and the Department of Buildings are present at the scene of this collapse. I also want to thank the brave firefighters of Chicago for their tireless efforts to mitigate the dangers.”

No additional information has been received.