Nonviolent Journalist Behind Bars for Jan. 6 Coverage

Owen Shroyer said in his last video before turning himself into jail after a dubious conviction last month.

Shroyer did not commit violence on the 6th of January, nor was he in the Capitol Building. The state has never claimed otherwise.

InfoWars’ staff has been repeatedly seen in videos denouncing violent acts.

Shroyer posted a video on Twitter two days ago explaining his prison preparations (his previous account had been deleted long ago).

While I am away, I have launched this Twitter @OwenSchroyer1776. The account is actually managed by a team of media professionals. My media team will run it, not me. They’ll give you daily updates, old videos, and new videos, as well as audio recordings, phone recordings, and possibly even live recordings, while I am away.

If Shroyer is able to survive his two-month campaign – and given the level of outrage that would result if he were to lose, the state would not be wise to let him suffer – then his imprisonment would likely make him even more popular.

Alex Jones’ removal from social media was widely believed to be a censorship tactic. Not only by the censors but also by InfoWars’ allies.

Jones confirmed that it had a significant impact on both his broadcast and website in terms of audience and pageviews. The show continued as usual and gained the reputation of an Underground Railroad for forbidden information.

In recent years, InfoWars’ anti-globalist philosophy (the term “globalist” itself was popularized by Jones), which is espoused as a form of anti-globalism has gained traction in the mainstream. Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and others have all cited Jones’ influence as well as his prophetic qualities.

InfoWars is still going strong despite the legal threats against him and his business and the absurd awards that were given to him after (arguably unconstitutional), “default” convictions by judges rather than juries. This is a testament to those who are hungry for information, even if it is not always accurate.