New York’s Anti-Pizza Crusade Is About Way More Than Just Pizza

Glenn and Stu have a candid conversation about New York’s recent decision to require restaurants that use wood- and coal-fired ovens to cut emissions by 75% — meaning bye-bye, delicious, iconic New York pizza.

Their banter is brutally honest, dripping in sarcasm, and very funny.

“They’re not going to take away your coal- or your wood-fired pizza oven — they’re not gonna do it” and “anybody who says they’re doing that — it’s a conspiracy theory,” Glenn mocks.

“It’s not like pizza from New York is a thing, right?” Stu quips.

“Get rid of the yellow taxi cabs, and the streets still look the same in New York,” Glenn sarcastically retorts.

Of course, these are jests.

Glenn and Stu believe New York pizza deserves protection from the environmental protection-flag-waving leftists, who Stu describes as people who want to “take away anything you might enjoy in life.”

All jokes aside though, the reality is wood- and coal-fired pizza most likely won’t be outright banned — for the elite, that is.

“The elite will fly into some place like Naples where they’ll have it in the … wood-fired pizza oven,” Glenn says.

For the rest of us, it looks like we’ll just have to learn to be content with other and less delicious types of pizza …