DeSantis Campaign Goes Negative on Trump, Calling Him a ‘Pioneer’ of Woke Gender Ideology

It appears Team DeSantis has not yet learned its lesson. In a baffling move, the DeSantis War Room Twitter account, which is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Rapid Response team, published a video trying to paint former President Donald Trump as a “pioneer” of the incursion of radical leftist LGBTQ ideology into the zeitgeist, attacking his past support for the LGBTQ community.

DeSantis recently increased his efforts to counter this ad, claiming that it is a reflection of Trump’s role in bringing this ideology into the mainstream. DeSantis appeared on “Tomi Lahren is Fearless”. DeSantis justified the video attack by claiming that Trump injected gender ideologies into mainstream media. DeSantis’s position on transgender athletes in sports and the media was contradicted by this.

Donald Trump is not a pioneer in gender ideology. He had men competing with women at his beauty contests. He is now running a new campaign that says men should not compete in female sports.

In the video, a clip from the 2016 Republican National Convention was shown. At that time, Trump promised to protect LGBTQ citizens against “violence and persecution” of a “hateful, foreign ideology” and fight legislation restricting transgender people’s bathroom use.

This is by far the most stupid attack Team DeSantis has made against Trump.

The conservative base is not buying this narrative. DeSantis seems to have forgotten that Trump appeals in other ways to his base than simply opposing wokeism. DeSantis also appears to forget how Trump appeals to the base on more issues than just opposing it. Trump supporters value his outspokenness and his positions on various issues.

DeSantis may be perceived as a one-trick pony if he continues to harp on about this. DeSantis is focused on positioning himself so far as a warrior who will fight the dragon that is wokeness.

Trump’s anti-wokeness is not his entire platform. He is well known for his criticism of progressive ideologies. DeSantis has been more vocal about policy issues such as immigration, crime, and the economy.

Where is the discussion on policy? DeSantis misses an opportunity by focusing only on his anti-wokeness.

There is a better way to attack Trump, who gives his enemies ammunition. DeSantis has never supported COVID-19 lockdowns the same as former President Obama. Do you remember when he attacked Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and reopened his state’s borders before federal guidelines were advised?

Trump didn’t use his bully pulpit to rally public opinion against state governments that were willing to impose vaccination and mask mandates while not following their own rules. Trump said little about people who lost their jobs and businesses because state legislators or governors forced them to stay home and limited the number of visitors they allowed into their homes. Men in uniform with badges threatened people to be thrown in cages if not compliant.

Where did Trump go when he vanished?

DeSantis’ team can also challenge Trump’s immigration policy. Although he implemented policies to benefit his base, did he finish the “big beautiful Wall”? These are a few of Trump’s weaknesses. Painting him as a social justice activist with purple hair is not enough.

DeSantis should abandon his misguided attack strategy and focus on a more substantive campaign. He shouldn’t rely on “woke” slogans but rather engage with the American public through clear policy proposals, and demonstrate his leadership abilities. He can either continue his ridiculous attack line or return to his position as Florida’s Governor.