New York City DA Ignores Skyrocketing Crime, Reopens Stormy Daniels Case

You can eat the Big Apple but not the maggots.

New York City is sinking deeper into a dystopian hellscape. Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s commie District Attorney, decided to embrace it all and look into the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump applesauce once more.

Since his historic ride down the escalators of Trump Tower, when he declared his candidacy for the presidency, Trump has been the subject of approximately 30 lawsuits and investigations. Some of the most bizarre investigations involve violations of the KKK Act and the notion that Trump stole classified information.

Bragg’s new investigation is based on $130,000 in “hush money”, which Stormy Daniels allegedly received. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, allegedly received the money and Trump allegedly paid Cohen back. Cyrus Vance, Bragg’s predecessor, couldn’t prove the $130,000 payment was disguised to be a legal expense. He needed this for a conviction and dropped the case. Bragg may think he is in with a chance or just wants to flood Trump with legal nonsense, now that he knows Trump will run again in 2024.

It is absurd that Bragg opened his investigation into Trump, despite New York City’s record-breaking crime.

Bragg has made it clear that he allows criminals to terrorize NYC, you understand, in the name of “equity.”

Worse, Governor. Kathy Hochul (D.N.Y.), pretended that New York City’s violent tsunami wasn’t real. She called people reporting crime “media manipulators”, and “data deniers,” while at the same time, horrific murders and brutal rapes took place in five boroughs.

Bragg must please his bolshie masters. Remember that Trump is the most important thing to the left. Bragg will be rewarded with a higher office once he has completed the last nail in the coffin of the city that never rests.