New Vaccine From Army Scientists Could Fight All Variants

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research announced the creation of a vaccine that can be used to combat all forms of the coronavirus as well as other viruses of SARS that have claimed the lives of millions of people.

Two years ago, the coronavirus was first discovered around the globe. In March 2020, they received the first COVID-19 viruses samples and began to develop a vaccine.

Instead of trying to develop a vaccine against one strain of the virus scientists at Walter Reed decided that a vaccine would work against all variants of the virus.

Human trials have concluded successfully for the vaccine’s first stage. Although no published results have been reported, scientists state that the vaccine has shown “positive results.” FDA approval for the vaccine would require two more successful trials.

Because they required unvaccinated, uninfected individuals for the trial, it was difficult for scientists to find enough patients.

The next phase will be used to test the effectiveness of the vaccine against people who are not infected or have not been inoculated.

The Army vaccine is still far from being approved but it holds promise for the future. Yascha Mounk said that the pandemic as a social phenomenon is over regardless of how it turns out.

Experts and laypeople disagreed on the extent to which social distancing should be done or government shutdowns. This was evident from the very beginning of the pandemic. Some people were willing to take drastic measures, while others were more concerned about the risks and benefits of such interventions. This is still true today. However, the constant fights for vaccine mandates and masks obscure how far the field has changed in recent months.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of cases, very few politicians or pundits are suggesting strict measures to stop the spread of the virus. There is no appetite for large-scale social interventions or shutdowns. This means we have stopped trying to “slow the spread” or “flatten the curve” in our current wave. We have silently decided to give up.

Many right-leaning people have held that view since the beginning, regardless of how severe the variant is. In July 2020 Donald Trump stated that we will have to learn how to live with the coronavirus. Biden stated that people are learning to live with the coronavirus during October’s debate.

Biden said he would defeat the coronavirus. Biden claimed he could manage Trump’s pandemic better. He made a lot of ridiculous statements about the pandemic, and he has spent over $5 trillion to restart the economy.

The economy is now experiencing near double-digit inflation. The virus is still rampaging throughout the country and the Secret Service claims that nearly $100 billion in pandemic relief funds has been stolen.

How would you rate Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic?