New Poll Is Beyond Sobering For Biden’s Re-Election Hopes

A CNN poll has shown that the majority of American voters don’t believe President Joe Biden should re-elect himself.
The poll showed that only 32% of Americans believe Biden “deserves to be reelected.” However, 67% of the respondents felt he did not “deserve” to be re-elected. These figures are almost identical among registered voters: 36% think he should be reelected, and 63% don’t.

The results are not better for Democrats.

According to the survey, a majority of Democrats as well as Democratic-leaning independent voters believe that Biden should not be the Democratic Party nominee for 2024. Only 44% of respondents want Biden, and 54% don’t.

69% of those who would prefer a different candidate said that they don’t care about who it was as long as it wasn’t Biden.

According to CNN anchor John King, Biden finds the results of this poll “beyond sobering.”

King explained that “they tell us many, or in some instances, most of you have deep suspicions about [Biden]’s performance and about how the country is going right now.” It is April 2023. This means that there are still many months before November 2024. These numbers are an early campaign baseline. It’s important, but it is still very telling about your mood and the challenges facing the incumbent at 80 years old.”

Biden has yet to announce his re-election campaign. However, he has made it clear that he will run again. Biden will be 82 when he wins his second inauguration.

What about Trump?

CNN also asked respondents questions about Donald Trump’s former presidency.

52% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents said that they hope Trump becomes the Republican Party nominee for the third consecutive Presidential Election Cycle, while 47% stated they would prefer a different candidate.

Since December, when only 38% of Americans wanted Trump to become the nominee again, Trump’s positive number has dramatically increased.

54% of Republican voters wished to vote for a different candidate. 28% hoped Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis wins the nomination.