New Ad Highlights What BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Is Doing With Other People’s Money

Consumers Research is back after BlackRock. Executive Director Will Hild wants you to know how an asset manager uses the money of unsuspecting Americans to advance a political agenda.

Hild noted that BlackRock uses the money it doesn’t have to push an extreme agenda, without considering American families. Pension funds are paying the price for their inaction, and are being used to weaponize their potential profits. Hild was referring specifically to the firm’s fiduciary obligations.

Hild’s group launched an advertisement on national television to educate consumers. The video also discusses how BlackRock has priced American families out of the housing market by renting too many houses that it wants to rent.

Consumers’ Research sent a Consumer Warning Letter to all states whose economies have been adversely affected over the past year. Wyoming. Montana. New Mexico Idaho. Alaska. Louisiana. Oklahoma. Hild warned those governors.

Wall Street giants are using your state’s investment dollars against your will. BlackRock and other companies are pushing policies that are politically driven, without considering the impact on citizens.

There are political options for fighting ESG initiatives. There are political solutions to combat ESG initiatives.

The latest ad was based on a Consumers’ Research campaign that was launched more than a year ago. It raised alarms about the activities of BlackRock and the ESG army.

Hild and Consumers’ Research believe that consumers will make better choices if they are informed and have the freedom to choose the products and services that best suit their needs. Previous work may have been seen by the organization that targets the hypocrisy and corruption of Levis, State Farm, and Coca-Cola.

Hild believes that consumers need to know where their investments are going, especially when they lead to higher prices for everything, including groceries, gas, rent, and housing.

Fink’s attempt to dictate how consumers should live is a problem, he believes. “We can’t allow liberal elites like Larry Fink to dictate how Americans should live so he can make a profit. ”

Hild stated, “Fink’s ESG facade was one of the most impressive tennis racquets the world has ever seen.” “We will continue to fight to protect American consumers against contributing to the fall of their country or to China’s communist regime”.

It works. The firm’s assets fell 22% in the first quarter of 2022. Larry Fink told investors recently that they can expect low returns over the next ten years due to BlackRock’s investments in green energy and its pursuit of political goals.