Man in Dress Steals Money, but Asking for it Back Incites Violence Against LGBT

During a drag performance at Treasure Island Casino, a woman claims that a Las Vegas drag queen stole mad stacks of cash from her purse.

The woman, known as “meggymomma” in Tiktok, posted a video claiming that she was celebrating her birthday watching Drag Brunch at Senor Frogs. Tickets start at $90 for the performance. She claims that she was robbed hundreds of dollars by a drag queen, who goes under the stage name Shannell. She thought it was a joke and that she would get her cheddar back. While still at the venue, she confronted Bryan Watkins, the performer’s real name, and demanded money. Watkins claimed that he took only one dollar from the woman and called her a “white girl” in an offensive reference to the LGBT world.

The victim complained to management. She was given the cold shoulder.

In the video, “Shannell” is seen helping himself to the purse of the woman. I watched the video many times, stopping at different points and seeing clearly wad cash was being purloined.

Since 1983, I have been a comedian. Drag queens rank second on the showbiz scale, particularly those who sing lip-sync rather than sing. They are notorious for being attention-starved, pushy, and eager to solicit tips.

The TikTok video about the alleged theft went viral and Voss Events, which produces Drag Brunch, offered to make nice-nice. In a second video, she claimed that Voss Events offered $700 to her on the condition that her original video is taken down. This was because it incited violence and hatred against the LGBT crowd. Voss also allegedly said to her that Watkins would release his own video and that she wouldn’t like it.

Watkins did release a clip. He speaks in a self-centered, drag queen style. “I’ve been performing for nearly 30 years. “I have a show at Vegas,” etc. Me, Me, ME!

The photos of some drag queens suggest that the venue may want to change its name to Senior Frogs from Senor Frog. #ZING!

He also admitted to taking money from the purse of the woman but claimed it was only two dollars. He claims that stealing money from purses is an old and common (aka hack) trick that has been used for years by “queens”. He apologizes but says he didn’t steal more than a dollar or two. He falls on his sword and admits to making a few rude comments to the woman. Watkins claims that the woman received a full refund of the $1,200 her party spent on the show.

Watkins then plays the victim. Watkins says that the backlash from his alleged theft caused “hundreds” of homophobic comments on social media and that there was so much outcry, that he and the other men he works alongside are now afraid to wear dresses and return to work.

The woman thanked Watkins, but then criticized him for stealing her purse. Voss Events won’t reimburse her for the $6,000 Aria poolside cabana that she and her friends reserved. They couldn’t enjoy it because they were too busy dealing with the police after the theft.