Nearly A Third Of Gen Z Americans Say Government Should Put Cameras In Every Home

In a new survey, surprisingly many Gen Z Americans support the idea that the government should install cameras in all homes to prevent crimes and abuse.

Cato Institute conducted a survey of 2,000 Americans.

The survey asked if Americans support “the government installing CCTV cameras in every home to reduce domestic abuse, violence, and other illegal activities.”

Only 14 percent of Americans, or about one in seven respondents, supported the idea. A majority of 75% opposed the idea and only 10% were unsure.

But 29% of those under 30 said that they supported the idea. This is almost a third among respondents in this age group.

Only 20% of people between 30 and 44 supported the idea of massive government surveillance.

Whites and Asians were the groups with the least support.

OnePoll’s survey in January revealed that 24% of Millennials claimed that their parents were paying their rent. This is slightly higher than the 19% average for Americans.

Gen Z workers report that even the use certain emojis are generational. In one report, younger workers said that the thumbs-up emoji is “hostile” as well as “super rude.”

John Della Volpe, a pollster, identified Gen Z as being a problem demographic for Republicans during the midterm elections. The lackluster performance of Republicans in 2022, despite expectations that a “redwave” would occur, supports this theory.

Della Volpe, MSNBC’s host after the election, said that Gen Z had done their job.