MSNBC Legal Analyst Predicts Imminent Indictment of Trump in Classified Documents Probe

I already know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking about it with you. One word: MSNBC. But even setting MSNBC aside, given the extraordinary degree of hypocrisy in the probe of former president Donald Trump’s classified documents vs. a similar probe of President Joe Biden, this thing stinks to high heaven.

MSNBC’s legal analyst Andrew Weissmann and self-described socialist Lawrence O’Donnell both predicted on Monday that Trump will be indicted this week in the classified document investigation by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Are we relying on insider knowledge or wishful thinking? Weissman said it didn’t matter.

The Trump case has been the subject of a multitude of stories. There are a lot of stories about the Trump case.

O’Donnell asked Weismann why he believed that indictments would come out this coming week. He replied:

I think that’s based on a number of things but if you think about what we saw in the Manhattan case, we were looking to see that defense lawyers were given an opportunity to be heard. That’s really the thing that you do in a case like this at the final stage. And we saw the defense lawyers going in today to make their final attempt about why there should not be charges.

You do this at the very end.

There’s internal pressure to bring this matter before the American people, even if officials refuse to admit it. The public must be informed if such a thing happened and the case is brought to court.

Weissman’s comments contain a wealth of information. We reported on Sunday that Trump’s attorneys met at DOJ headquarters on Monday with Department of Justice Lawyers for a little over two hours. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems a short time, given the importance of this case.

The article we covered previously stated:

A federal court ruled in January that Trump’s attorney, Evan Corcoran, must testify in front of a federal grand jury to determine whether he retained classified documents. Corcoran declined to answer investigators’ questions about previous conversations he had with Trump, citing the attorney-client privilege. …

In November of last year, the team of special counsel headed by Jack Smith was appointed by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. They sent a letter asking Beryl Howell to deny Evan Corcoran’s claim of attorney-client confidentially and to force him to testify regarding his client Donald Trump.

Sources in the case claim that Judge Howell ruled that “crime and Fraud exception” will apply to Corcoran’s testimony but only to a specific set of questions.

In reality, former president Obama has attacked Jack Smith, Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice who is responsible for overseeing two criminal investigations involving Trump.

Trump recently blasted Smith in Truth’s Social posts. He called Smith a “TRUMP hating Special prosecutor” who “worked overtime” to complete his “treasonous missions.” Trump’s lawyers even requested to meet with Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States, in order to discuss Smith’s alleged “unfair treatment” towards Trump.

It is possible that Smith would be tempted by an indictment of or conviction against the former president.

Weissman’s claim that “the American people must know whether this occurred” is ridiculous on its face. If that’s the case, why does the American public not need to be informed about the President’s messy storage and storage in his garage next to his prized Corvette?

These questions are rhetorical, because on the left, what’s good for Joe Biden is bad for Donald Trump.

If the MSNBC analyst is right, why did they rush to make the case to the American public before the upcoming elections?

I’m sorry for being so low [sarcastic – sometimes], but Andrew Weissmann, and MSNBC, are clown networks. They wouldn’t recognize objective reporting or legal analysis if TDS was slapped on their heads.

Forbes reported that, if Trump were to be indicted, the DOJ would have stated in court documents that it was investigating whether Trump had violated federal laws relating to the mishandling of government materials. Espionage Act prohibits sharing national defense information or “willfully” retaining it and failing to provide it to the United States employee or officer entitled to receive it. ”

Does Donald Trump ever have a dull moment? Joe, what about you? Joe is so busy falling on the stage and getting lost that he cannot stop lying about his family business or retaining classified information.

Weissman made similar remarks during an interview with Nicolle Wall, another MSNBC presenter who suffered from TDS.


It’s obvious that the hypocritical behavior of both Trump and Biden is reflected in their retention.