NCAA Chooses to Ignore Transgender Record Breaker

The dismay expressed by athletes at the fact Lia Thomas, a biologically male, transgender swimmer, won the women’s events at Zippy Invitational at the University of Akron earlier this month.

The University of Pennsylvania’s women swimming team is unhappy with each other

Thomas’ accomplishments are a source of pride and joy. However, there is growing discontent about the undervaluing of women’s sports because of the involvement of male athletes pretending to be women. “

Thomas was pointed out by a fellow swimmer that Thomas’s command of the swimming lanes wasn’t natural since Penn isn’t an NCAA swimming powerhouse.

He’s not just a problem for the female swimmers. Parents have written to the NCAA and the University of Pennsylvania to express concern that the biologically male swimmer is so far ahead of the female swimmers against which he is racing.

A group of 10 parents declared that the integrity of women’s sports was at risk. The group of 10 parents stated that the precedent — where women are not allowed to compete in an equal or protected environment — was a threat to the integrity of female sports.

The Daily Mail discusses why parents are so concerned about their daughters’ safety on the swim team.

One parent spoke up, but she asked not to be identified as she was afraid of being reprimanded. She stated that swimmers have mixed feelings and are afraid of being excluded.

The letter was received by both the NCAA and the university on December 5. The school responded focusing on Thomas and the acceptance of athletes.

The school stated that it supports all swimmers. It wants to support the community’s success in Lia’s swimming season. We will do this today and in the future. “

The school’s response to the question is a mention of mental health resources for female athletes.

The school wrote to parents, “We have encouraged Penn’s student-athletes to use the robust resources at Penn, and would like to share them with you as well.” It also provided links to counseling and psychological services, the LGBT Center, Restorative Practices, and our Center for Student Success staff.

Yes, you are right. These young girls are mad at their fathers because they let them participate in women’s sports. It is up to them to sign up for LGBT counseling and education.

These college swimmers needed compassion and understanding. They were shown condescension by UPenn.

UPenn was not included in the TOP 25 as of this writing. Thomas will still be able to compete in the national championship meet at Atlanta in March.

It is not something the NCAA can do.