Democrats Continue to Make Everything About Race

A Chicago-area dealer of drugs, aged 17, stabbed a teenager. He tried to steal marijuana from the dealer. He later died in hospital.

The drug dealer, who was unnamed, pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder. Steven Bernstein of Cook County told the teenager that he was bright and had a positive outlook. He sentenced him to three years probation and 100 hours of community service. Bernstein told the killer that his parents should go to therapy with him.

Judge Bernstein said to the drug dealer that they looked like bright children with a bright future. Although I don’t believe that you are a murderer you did kill the child. It will be a difficult thing to live with for the rest of your life.” he said.

He also left a message to the parents of the child who had died.

The judge told the Valdez families, “You won’t get closure, I wish I could tell me that you will.”

The Valdez family is shocked. He is walking now, and they are crying out for help.

The victim is Hispanic.

Some news outlets love a good race fight but only if the victim is white. This perpetuates the myth of white people being oppressors and minorities being their victims.

Family Valdez believes their son’s killer got away with it because he was white.

Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney, allowed thousands of violent criminals to skate. Judge Bernstein is also a Democrat. But what is the common factor?

Timothy Simpkins, a gunman, was responsible for several deaths at Simpkins’ school including a teacher. Timothy Simpkins was a gunman who killed several people at his school, including a teacher.

The fact that the Oxford school shooting victim (who is white), was arrested and is currently being held in jail is not something anyone seems to have mentioned. His family tried to justify his ownership of the gun, but he did not get out of jail. What is the point of race? How can violent people be kept in jail regardless of their skin color?

Maybe it’s time to end the myth of “white privilege”. We might point out the Democrats who allow violent criminals to escape from prison: Democrats.