MSNBC Host Slams DeSantis, Says She’d Rather Have Trump

With the mainstream media and Political Pundit World busy essentially declaring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential campaign over not even two months after he formally announced, what’s an excitable MSNBC host to do?

Tell us what the left is really afraid of.

We reported that in a not-so-unique but nonetheless illuminating manner, the Lincoln Project and its true conservatives have spent the past year and a quarter telling us about how DeSantis was “worse” than Trump because, to paraphrase, DeSantis, according to them, is former President Donald Trump without the baggage.

DeSantis, they have said, is smarter, more savvier, and more disciplined. He also knows how the government functions. This makes him, in their opinion, a more worrying figure than Trump, because they know that he has consistently shown that he can beat Woke Inc. at its own game – without much sweat.

To be fair, some of DeSantis’ defenders from the right also spoke of him in this way. When they’ve done this, it was to present those points as positives and not negatives. The woke left on the other side, sees these as “dangerous negatives” and is willing to backtrack on everything they said about Trump to ensure that he will be the one facing Biden in the fall elections next year.

Katie Phang from MSNBC, who filled in on “All In” for Chris Hayes, was a good example. Phang was very clear in her stance when discussing the “mini fascists” DeSantis.

“I’m going to beat this drum till the cows come back home. I don’t like Ron DeSantis. Donald Trump is better than Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis would be a meaner, leaner Donald Trump and I’ll go to my grave with that. “Thanks, guys for coming.”


If that is not a sort of “endorsement”, I don’t what else it could be.

Remember that leftist commentators such as Phang also “prefer” Trump to DeSantis because they believe Biden will have a much easier time defeating Trump in the general election campaign than DeSantis. Joy Behar, “The View’s” co-host, said this in March.

As I said previously, the Usual Suspects play favorites not because they love Trump, but rather because they want him to win the nomination. And not only because they think he’s unelectable, they would also like to focus the 2024 election on Trump, dooming and glooming him like they did during the 2016 general.

It would benefit them to keep Trump in the spotlight as long as they can so that they could continue to claim that they are the moral superiors when it comes to Trump.

The polls vary in this early stage of the game depending on the person taking them. As we know, polls taken this early in the game are not always reliable.

It’s important that Republicans and independents who vote Republican don’t allow the media and the Dems to choose the GOP nominee.

In a reiteration of what I have said before, voters should not only listen to candidates but also research their records and see their accomplishments. The media is known for its love of manipulating voters before primaries and elections. I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of these people telling you what to think and how to vote.