Michigan School Board Trustee Faces Scrutiny Over Her Unhinged Racist Tweets

One Michigan school board trustee claims to be a “Lover of Humanity” on LinkedIn. She has been under investigation for her hateful and unhinged Tweets.

What is the background?

Since 2020, Kesha Hamilton is a Jackson School Board trustee. She is the chair of Jackson’s Racial Equity Commission.

Last year, Hamilton was the subject of a media storm after accusing Superintendent Jeff Beal with bullying and harassing her. Mlive reported that an investigation revealed that Hamilton’s allegations were not supported by evidence.

According to reports, the racial equity consultant made many other outrageous allegations and criticized the school district for its allegedly racist policies.

Hamilton suggested in July 2022 that Hamilton’s suggestion that the school board had required valedictorians to take “minimum six advancement placements, dual enrollment, or early college courses in any combination” was racist.

Hamilton, who makes a living selling advice on discrimination, racism and proper conduct has been exposed for her apparent hatred for white people.

On Dec. 3, the self-professed racial equality consultant wrote to a black Jogger, “The last thing that you need to worry about are animals – though those could be a real threat..

She wrote on May 19, 2020: “Working/living around/with white people is extremely difficult. It’s extremely difficult to be subjected/their violence and treachery.. but they do sleep peacefully at night..

Hamilton observed, “White people don’t care.. most. It is difficult to live/work among them …”

Hamilton stated, in April 2020: “Another reason white supremacy exists…white women.”

Trustee of the school board board, who was involved in the education future generations of children, claimed that “Whiteness is so bad.”

Hamilton’s antipathy towards White people was partly revealed by a flyer distributed in the community that stated that the Jackson School Board hates White people.

MLive reported that the school board moved its Tuesday meeting because of backlash.

The board had additional security in place to protect itself against any public hostility that Hamilton’s apparent racism might elicit.

Although the meeting was moved to a safer location by Superintendent Jeff Beal, some members of the community were still able to voice their concerns about the trustee’s apparent hatred for people based on skin color.

One member of the community pleaded with Hamilton and other school board members to stop propagating critical race theory and indoctrinating students with “divisive” ideologies.

MLive observed that Hamilton’s racist rants were “disheartening” to one person, and asked if the trustee was elected to represent “the whole student body in our racially diverse student body?”

Hamilton replied, “What’s disconcerting?” Hamilton responded, “What’s disheartening? Or is whiteness evil?

Hamilton did not apologize for her hatred of whiteness. She suggested that her hatred was based on an understanding of the concept offered her by the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

On its website, the museum states that “Whiteness” and “white racialized identification” refer to how white people, their culture, customs, beliefs, and traditions are used as a standard against which all other groups can be compared. …Whiteness and its accepted normality also exist as microaggressions against people of color.

Hamilton was resigned by another community member, who noted that Hamilton’s narrow definition of whiteness “doesn’t excuse [her] angry or hateful words.”

“This is someone we trust to make decisions for Jackson public schools students in a district that’s more than 44% and a city that’s over 69% white. And a county that’s over 87% white. One of her complaints is the declining enrollment. “I wonder why,” said the community member. “[Hamilton] claimed that others were trying to divide this community. She wants exactly this. This is why she’s here. It’s not for the students or the community. It is her fame and notoriety.”

Gina Hastings, a parent from the community said that “Someone in this influential position must be held accountable to a high standard.” She must represent all Jackson public school students.

“Her racist remarks should not be tolerated.” How can children feel safe when they are called evil and dangerous for their physical characteristics? Hastings agreed.

Jackie Leslie stated, “You’re not addressing the disparities. You are adding to them with your hurtful remarks.” Your words do not unify our community. Your words divide our community.”

Hamilton suggested that she could be involved in “interrupting or reversing racism and the effects of racism and racial bias wherever it is found” in a Jackson racial equality commission promotional video for May 2022.

It is not clear if the commission looked at the Twitter account of its chair.