Joy Behar Gives a Take on the Alec Baldwin Case So Delusional Her Co-Hosts Can’t Follow It

Joy Behar, ABC’s most absurd host of “The View,” appears to be trying to make it more ridiculous by adding takes that seem increasingly stupid.

Baldwin was charged with two felonies of involuntary murderer for firing a loaded gun at Halyna Hutchins. He failed to secure the weapon and he struck Halyna Hutchins with a live bullet, killing her.

Mary Carmack-Altwies is New Mexico’s First Judicial district attorney. Behar claims that she is bringing the charges against Baldwin because he shot and murdered a woman through his negligence but for political reasons.

Behar stated that “The DA who indicts him — whatever term it is right now — she is a big a Republican.” Alec Baldwin is a target for Republicans. They can’t stand him. “I’m only saying.”

Behar then raised her arms and stated that she wasn’t saying more.

Even her hosts laughed at her idea. One tried to quickly change the flow of conversation to include a George Clooney comment.

Behar seems so obsessed by hate for the right in America, she’s willing see monsters where there is windmills. Fair charges should not be used to indict someone for their political views. This is a clear case where Baldwin’s recklessness and lack of care cost the life of an innocent lady.

We should mention that Carmack-Altwies, a Democrat, is not a Republican, since we are on the topic. It is not clear from where Behar obtained the information that the DA was a Republican.

Is Behar saying that Democrats should only be allowed to charge Democrats? Is she likewise adamant that Republicans should only be able to charge Republicans?

I doubt it.

Behar has shown that she is so enmeshed in her political loyalty that she cannot see the forest from the trees. It’s beyond my comprehension why she still hosts a daytime talkshow about current affairs, despite repeatedly proving that she is losing it.