Mega Author J.K. Rowling Defends 4 Types of Transgenderism Victims

J.K. Rowling, mega-author, is fighting for everyone who is affected by the transgenderism mania that has afflicted our society. Rowling, a reliable liberal, has been openly gay-friendly and feminist throughout her life. She is even supportive of transgenderism as a principle. Despite Big Left’s attempts to make transgenderism seem glamorous and life-saving, it is still a terrible concept in practice. Rowling is one of the many people standing up against transgenderism and for the countless victims, it has caused.

These are the main victims of applied transgenderism. Rowling also gives them examples of how she has given them a voice recently on her Twitter account with 13.9 million followers.

Adolescent Girls

Any woman will tell you that puberty is very hard for girls. It would be a challenge to find an adult female who hasn’t felt uncomfortable about her body as a young woman at least once. Feminists encourage girls not to enjoy their growing womanhood. They teach them that women aren’t able to get ahead and are constantly at risk of being harassed or raped. Our disgusting pop culture sexualizes girls all the time and puts women’s fishnetted nether regions in our faces. It’s gross. Girls should feel uncomfortable for a time in their bodies.

Transgenderists use this universal discomfort to initiate adolescent girls into their cult. Transgenderism is especially dangerous for the most vulnerable, such as girls with mental illness, autism, and abuse. Transgenderism can be a bright path to a new beginning, a way of killing your old, disgraced self without actually taking your own life. Many of these transgender men regret what they did to themselves months later. Rowling gives them a platform via her Twitter account. Their stories have been attacked for years.

PCOS, or polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is a condition that can be caused by excessive levels of male hormones in females. It can cause infertility.

Gay Boys

When they are young, boys with a strong inclination to homosexuality or the gay lifestyle may act “girly”. They might gravitate towards frilliness and dresses. If left alone, they can become men who are great designers, customers, and stylists.

The current transmania means that effeminate boys who love to dress up or just admire women are encouraged by their parents to “become women” — an impossible feat, regardless of how many hormones and how much surgery they’re subject to.

One woman said, “My son used to dress up in his sister’s clothes, make barbies dresses from scraps of fabric, raid my little make up & gravitate 2wards any sequined. To believe that there were no boys and they were girls’ clothes, I raised all my children. He is now a happy and treasured gay man.”


Some trans activists have tried to force normal people into dating members of the opposing sex. While this was resisted by most people and stopped from mainstreaming it, it continues to be a problem for gays or lesbians who are part of the LGBT movement and feel pressured to date others of the opposite sexual orientation who have “transitioned”. This small, passionate community is more agitated and pushy.

“Thanks for standing up so strongly. “It’s a tragedy, and a scandal that gay rights organizations are now dedicated to undermining women’s rights as well as the very foundations of same-sex attraction,” tweeted a gay man to Rowling.


It has been reported that in many ways that men pretending to be women has taken honors and privileges away from women. Examples include Rachel Levine being named Woman Of The Year by USA Today, and Lia Thomas breaking records while dismantling yet another college sport for females. Worse, trans enforcers at all levels attack and silence women who try to voice their anger and fear at being erased.

Rowling, who has been an outspoken voice on the issue for some time now, was subject to retaliation. She was called a “TERF” (“trans-exclusionary radical feminist”) and threatened with death. She is determined to stand her ground and use her enormous bullhorn to defend women’s basic rights.

Rowling also retweeted Nimco Ali, a Somalian activist’s comment about how women are often told to shut down when they attempt to defend girls and women from the very real dangers of being a female.

As I have said, I wasn’t a huge Rowling fan. I found her Harry Potter series very derivative and her liberalism to cliche. But, for all of that, she did an amazing job teaching her generation how to fight the never-ending war between right & wrong, no matter what the cost. This Lenten season is a time to reflect on Jesus’s suffering in Gethsemane, as he was willing to endure it to save others. Rowling was also aware of what she was doing when she kicked the hornets’ nest. She decided that it was worth it to use her position for others. She will be “crucified” by the Left for her courage.