Mayor Who Topples Confederate Statue Receives ‘Threats,’ But Are They Real?

Jussie Smollet, aka Juicy, pulled off a racially motivated hoax two years ago. This became a story in state-owned corporate media about a microcosm of White Supremacy or KKK in the United States.

Mondale Robinson is a “progressive”, online race swindler who is also the mayor of Enfield in North Carolina, a tiny town with mainly black residents.

Explaining his ethos to WUNC public radio in the context of his brother shooting two alleged white racists and subsequently going to prison while Robinson got probation as an accessory to the crime, the mayor said “I was doing political work organizing, and I guess I pissed off the status quo. That was the greatest thing to happen to me… Before that moment, I had never contemplated college. I ran through school with a 4.0 GPA and became an organizing monster. And so, white supremacy made me this person.”

The controversy over Robinson began in the summer of 2022 when the Enfield Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 to remove a veteran’s memorial because it honored those who served in the Confederate States of America.

Robinson broadcasted it live on Facebook to gain social media clout.

The vandalism was praised by many Social Justice outlets for its bravery and stunningness.

After a local uproar, the state authorities placed him under investigation on the basis that the monument honored veterans of multiple wars including WWI, WWII, and Korea.

This is where things start to get juicy (language warning).

ABC 11:

After a town’s mayor live-streamed a Confederate statue being toppled in his town, he now calls for an investigation.

Mayor Mondale Robinson and other members of the community have received threats from white supremacists ever since the monument had been bulldozed in August.


Robinson and other Black residents have said that they’ve received threats, including racial insults, since the removal. Robinson, at a press conference on Tuesday, called for Gov. At a news conference on Tuesday, Robinson called on Gov.

Robinson stated, “If a person believes Black lives matter, they will not oppose our town’s request for peace, tranquility, and freedom from racialized terrorism.” “Gov. Cooper must respond to this in order to make people aware that racism and white terrorism are not tolerated in North Carolina.” “You can’t achieve that by remaining silent or playing respectability political games.”

Robinson says he has received threats online, including emails from the Ku Klux Klan. Robinson claims that his town requires more resources to ensure the safety of its residents.

Now, TYT has revealed that Robinson is being investigated again. Not for the removals of statues as the misleading title of their video suggests. But rather because of the threatening letter from “white supremacists.”

Robinson was interrogated by state investigators at his home about the alleged hate speech. The text included: “White people from Enfield! You’ve let a tyrant (their words) stomp your white heritage. What will you say? “Don’t let anyone get away with anything.”

The letter was signed by a group called “Loyal White Knights”, an apparent local KKK chapter, and had a misspelled web address.

Aside from Enfield being a majority-black town and the letters being addressed to “white people,” what is suspicious about the incident is the language. To the extent that “white supremacists” exist in the real world, it’s very difficult to imagine them using this kind of syntax. It sounds very much to the well-tuned race-hoax-conscious ear like the infamous “This is MAGA country, n****r” line uttered by Jussie Smollett’s phantom white attackers at 3 a.m. in Chicago in subzero temperatures on his way to Subway — attackers who later turned out to be his Nigerian bodyguards.

Keep an eye out for any results of the investigation.